Lets Meet The Man That Picked up Artem Justin Hansen – Arthur Lookyanov!

I received a comment today that really floored me. It was from the man that picked up the child from the Moscow airport who was involved in the international scandal about the Russian/American adoption return! This is the comment and it can be found on this article: Sheriff Randall Boyce Addresses “The Russian/American Adoption Scandal!”

Arthur Lookyanov said: Misled by Nancy Hansen, I met Artem in Domodedovo airport at 10:45 am on April 8, 2010 and the whole day I spent this this boy till he was taken into hospital #21. Due to the fact that the media may wrongly interpret events without knowing the details of what happened, I decided to write full story in details about how I came up into this story and what happened at those crazy for me day… You are welcome to read the truth…

Lets go look at the links I was given…

Story of Artem Justin Hansen: How I Became Involved in an International Adoption Scandal (Part I)
Story of Artem Justin Hansen: Details of his arrival to Moscow on April 8, 2010 (Part II)
Drawing & UA badge from Artem

I then spent that next few minutes and read what this man had to say. I invite you to read what he wrote and leave a comment for him on the third link about the Drawing and Badge!

Windows to Russia!
PS: There will be more about this…