Artyem (Artem) Justin Hansen: The Story Continues…


I just walked the dog and am now enjoying my morning cup of coffee! I was thinking while walking the dog and if you have followed me over the years. You would know that I sometimes grab onto a happening (story) and do not let go until I am sure that I have seen the truth.
This has been to several peoples dismay in America because Americans like to hear news and then have it go away and everyone just acts like it never happened. Unless it is about one of the chosen few like Tiger Woods. Then Americans seem to not care that they hear about how many mistresses that Tiger Woods had and has and they want to hear it a thousand times…
Well this is some of that news that Americans wish would go away and it has caused a huge international scandal on this side of the world.

The more information that I find out about this story the crappier that Torry Hansen and Nancy Hansen are looking…

Artyom Savelyev, the seven-year-old adopted son of Tory Ann Hansen, an American, flew unaccompanied from Washington to Moscow on Thursday. The boy carried with him a note from his adoptive mother that began “To Whom It May Concern”. She was sending the child back. Artyom was taken to the airport by his ten-year-old brother. He had to change planes on his way to Moscow. He is currently being examined at a Moscow hospital. He described how his adoptive mother treated him to RIA Novosti.
They are also claiming that the boy is a nut case! But there has been no evidence pointing to that and passengers from his flight said that he was:

A 7-year-old adopted boy being sent back to Russia alone by his American family seemed like “an average little boy who wanted to play,” a person on board the boy’s plane to Moscow told ABC News……

“He was very anxious and very active,” the person said. “He wanted to sing a Spider-Man song quite a bit. We sang with him in the back of the plane. We tried to keep him occupied. He was quite active — not running about, not disturbing anyone. He was very obedient. He sat when [asked].

“He drew some cartoon pictures of an airplane with passengers waving,” the witness on the flight added. “He drew another picture with crayon of something similar.” (Link)

Does he sound like a nut case?
How about this from the man (Arthur Lookyanov) that picked him up at the Moscow Airport:

I checked to be sure the boy’s seat belts were fastened and we left. Overwhelmed with a feeling of responsibility, I pressed the button to lock the doors as we stopped in front of turnpikes to pay for parking and leave the airport. The boy did well and was comfortable in the back seat. Despite the compact size of my car he had a lot of space, so he took toys and pencils out of his backpack and showed them to me. On the way into the city, I tried to speak to him in English, looking at him through the rear view mirror. The boy was in a good mood, and even tried to draw with his pencils. Artem liked a lot of the cars he saw in the city (but I didn’t) and he would occasionally get something from the package and show off the toys he had. He often said, “It’s from America. Do you have anything like this here, in Russia?” The boy told me about American big trucks, showing their size with his arms. We even sang the English alphabet, as they do in school. (Link)

Nothing points to this boy being an issue in anyway…
I have thought about the fact that at least they did not kill him. But the point is that they could have. I had a good comment left on one of my articles about this subject:
Wait a moment, so grown adults, send a child on their way, on their own, scared and vulnerable back to a country which he isn’t usd to, unsupervised..
and HE is the mentally unstable one????
How true of a statement that is. We are to believe that he is the nut case? I don’t believe it for a minute and am thankful that he made it back to his homeland alive. I could not imagine adopting a child and thinking that I would not be in for years of hard work to help that child adjust and become normal. I would never expect that child to have an inkling of adjustment for at least 2 to 3 years. When you adopt you take all the baggage and nothing less. Tory spent 4 days with Artyem before she adopted him. She made a decision based on those 4 days. When she took him home she took him as one of her own and that means all problems that occur from the situation…
I worked with several people in America that were foster foster parents other words they would take care of the children that had foster parents that abused the foster children. I have seen my fair share of foster nightmares in America. So pointing fingers at the Russian system is a NO GO Situation in my book!
Following this incident, angry Russian officials are calling for a halt to all U.S. adoptions until the two countries can hammer out a new agreement that spells out the conditions and obligations for such adoptions.
Good, because right now America is leaning toward the “We are not sure a law has been broke.”I call that “Crappy” and America needs to redefine the laws…
That is why Russia is upset because they know that the American government does not care and Russia has tried for years to get a coordinated effort to regulate adoptions between the two countries. So end the adoptions, until people in America, make America set up a set of rules with Russia…
The American government tried to intercede in this issue by demanding the return of the boy to their custody. Looks like America did not have a leg to stand on because it seems that Tory Hansen never took care of making him a USA citizen?
The boy still had a Russian passport and he was returned at the end of his visa expiration… (6 months)
People point at RAD as a good enough reason that Tory and Nancy Hansen are smart to have dumped the kid… Get a life people.
They will tell you that you have to have patience and work with the poor kid. If he is diagnosed with RAD then Tory and Nancy just made the condition much worse, much worse. How come they did not ask for help? Could it be that they were hiding something…
I said enough till next time!
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