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Lets remind people of where to find that Russian information…

The Windows to Russia website system (Called WTR) is made up of 13 sites and 4 domains!

  1. Windows to Russia
  2. Russian News From Russia
  3. Fresh Coffee News
  4. Thoughts of Moscow
  5. The Russian Portal
  6. Russian Video From Russia
  7. Russian Photos From Russia
  8. Russian Stories From The Old Days
  9. English 4 Kids
  10. Did You Know?
  11. The Zombie Source Code (Kinda not really Russian! :))
  12. Все для Blogger’a на Blogspot’e
  13. Как похудела Света…

This needs to be said again because hundreds of times a week I get nasty comments as to why Windows to Russia does not talk about this or that subject. Why are we silent about things that are important to the world… 🙂

We are not!

You have to look around. There is simply too much data to be encompassed by only one website. News has a thousand posts a month as does Fresh Coffee. Windows to Russia has an average of 100 posts a months and these are all followed up by hundreds and hundreds of monthly posts on all the other websites in the system…

Windows to Russia is a huge database of information that covers Russia from A to Z. We have 200 posts of real pictures from Russia that we take, in our photo site. We have around 700 true Russian videos in our video site and if you want to read some old fairtales and stories from Russia, then read our Russian stories. There is 55 stories from the old days for you to enjoy…

We receive over a 1,200,000 page views a day now an all our sites. Why just yesterday Windows to Russia itself was slaughtered and the host almost could not keep up with the demand. This is while news is recieving 4 to 5 thousand views a day and now coffee has decided to start growing and has exceeded 3000 views a day now. Coffee if you remember, was destroyed by Blogger Blogspot and after a couple of years it has now started to come back…

So lets make it clear again! Windows to Russia is not just one site and only one site. Windows to Russia is a huge network of sites that encompass a lot of data on Russia. The main site Windows to Russia is my site to express what interests me and only what interests me. If I could care less about a Russian plane crash then I will not write about it. But I can tell you that on the Russian News Site you will find articles about the crash. You will find articles from all over the world about Russia…

Also the original Windows to Russia is still functioning and it gives you a wonderful place to start by being able to see all of the main blogs in one page. It has 5 of the latest articles that have been posted on each site…

So if you want to know about Russia came to Windows to Russia…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

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