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Looks Like Windows to Russia will run a Stripped Down Template…

For awhile Windows to Russia is going to have to run as light as possible. The volume of traffic is just way to high and we are going to have to give and take to keep her online. The servers are not able to keep up when she is fully dressed and I look at the situation like this: “The data is more important than the bling, so nothing extra and photos will be going to a minimum…”

Shear volume knocked Windows to Russia off line for a few hours today and until I get get all the pieces in place for plan C, it looks like we will have some hard bumps in the road. Plane C is what I have been trying to keep from doing and that is a dedicated or VPS server. The cost is outrageous but it looks like a shared server host can not handle the site no longer…

This is a sweet and sour situation, as we are right on that cusps of too big, but too small at the same time…

It looks like comments are going away until I can get the new server situation set up. The extra PHP functions are tearing up the server. I have brought them back and have been happy, but the load on the sever is too great. Comments always are accepted by dropping them off in contact e-mail in the above menu bar… 🙁

I will also be stripping as much code as I can out and still leave a front of a site…

This always makes life interesting…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

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  1. Sung Manitu Tanka April 14, 2013

    Yes I agree 100% with what you said as I am Lakota now living in Russia since 2009 and I never want to leave. My wife is Russian and we have two children and are very happy in our little village of Slavtsevo in the Vladimir Region. I literally fell in Love with Russia and the people here and every morning I look out of my bedroom window I fall in Love all over again. Great Post 🙂
    Sung Manitu Tanka (The Great Wolf)

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