White Birch: The National Tree Of Russia!

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and thought to myself how many of you know that the National tree in Russia is the White Birch? I looked over some pictures that I took and found a few good ones with birches in them…

Here is an old article about these birches…

My path yesterday took me into a beautiful White Birch forest. It was peaceful and the breeze whispered through the leaves. I had my camera so I stopped and took a picture. The Russians Love their White Birch!

The Russians drink the sap from the Birch at certain times of the year. You can find the sap being sold along the byways. The trees also produce a fruit and these fruit have been once used as the major food of the Incas. I have never had the sap yet but my Wife says that it is delicious. (Update: Yes I have had the sap now after a lot of years in Russia and it is very good. We enjoy it when the season is right!)

So this is the main tree in Russia. I can tell you that they are everywhere. When we take a trip the byways are lined with these trees.

I enjoyed my time amongst the talking Birch trees.

Kyle and Sveta
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