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May 1st 2012 and -1 or -2 Degrees Celsius Tonight in Moscow, Russia…

The capital’s weather forecasters warned of increasing wind. From 15 to 19 hours in Moscow and the region is expected to strong winds with gusts of 15 meters per second and more…

Emergency crews and public utilities will if necessary will leave promptly, in cases of falling trees, road signs and billboards. City Hall advised motorists not to park under the trees, and pedestrians – to shun advertising structures and signs…

According to forecasters, the center of Russia has been enveloped with cold air. At night and early morning hours in some places the temperature will drop to freezing: in Kostroma, Saratov, Voronezh, and places to minus 2, Yaroslavl, Tver and Moscow – to minus 1 degree. In the coming next days the threat of frosts persist…

In Yaroslavl, Tula, Smolensk and Tver regions in the nighttime and early morning temperatures can drop to minus 3 in Moscow, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Vladimir, Kaluga – down to minus 2, in the Ryazan – to minus 1 degree. Frost zone extended to the Central Black Earth region. In Orel, Lipetsk and Kursk regions is not ruled out lowering the temperature to minus 2 degrees, ITAR-TASS reported…

I just love Russia, Let it snow also… πŸ™‚

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

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  1. admin Post author | May 2, 2012

    A car under a tree felled by the whipping winds that struck the Moscow region Tuesday.

    Gale-force winds in Moscow and the surrounding area Tuesday night put about 300 transformers out of commission and knocked down almost 300 trees, with at least five people sustaining injuries.

    Winds that reached 17 meters per second in speed, or those equivalent to the lowest category of hurricane, began blowing in Moscow and the Moscow region Tuesday afternoon, striking the eastern and southern sections of the region hardest, Moscow Unified Electric Company spokesman Vitaly Strugovets told Interfax.

    About 1 percent of all the electric company’s transformers, or roughly 300, were taken offline, leaving hundreds of Moscow region residents without electricity overnight, Strugovets said. By 7 a.m. Wednesday, power was restored in all residential areas, he said.

    About 280 trees were felled by the winds and 27 cars were damaged, Interfax reported. The news agency said five people were hospitalized with injuries received as a result of accidents caused by the strong gusts, which had died down by Wednesday morning.

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