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McCain and Saakashvili; large and in charge in Ukraine…

Coffee-iconNot long ago; Saakashvili was sent to Ukraine to help the poor people to recover from Russian invasions, yes many many many Russian invasions and those invasions just never stop… (~Sarc~)

Russia just keeps sending an armada across the border and poor little Ukraine is barely able to stop the beast of a bear. Why Ukraine must build a wall against Russia on the border and Ukraine needs lots of money and weapons to help fight against Russian aggression… (~Sarc~)

I wrote this article in the near past and got attacked server wise over it by the TSA and DHS in the U.S. – Rinse, Repeat, Rinse & Repeat…

Now Senator McCain has been asked to join Sassy in his endeavors of saving Ukraine and help stop these Russian invasions that happen daily, sometimes hourly, according to western news… (~Sarc~)

Georgia’s fugitive ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili and hawkish US Senator John McCain have been approved as members of the newly-formed International Advisory Group that will help Ukraine’s president in “conducting reforms.”

Saakashvili has been appointed as head of the new advisory group, says the statement on Ukraine’s presidential website.

saakashvili-mccain-ukraine-advisorsNow lets get serious a moment; the image of Sassy and McCain is of two of the most pathetic terrorists on earth. These two terrorists are supported by the U.S. and allowed to run loose on the world. Sassy has been curtailed somewhat by all the arrest warrants for him, but McCain still roams freely from terrorist group to terrorist group, handing out money and promises of support by the government of the USA…

Is it me only or has anyone else noticed that when peace is prevalent in an area of the world, McCain shows up and talks with US supported forces and miraculously money appears, weapons appear and the direction toward peace switches and death rears its ugly head again?

McCain is one sick person and should be sent ASAP to an mental home. Yet we support his right to waste tax payer money and travel all over the world supporting terrorists…

You wonder who really is running the U.S., because it sure is not our president and it makes me claim once again, “The USA is run by thousands and thousands of wannabe Hitlers and Napoleons!”

It really is time to clean them up and out of politics…

Have a nice day…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Anonymous May 14, 2015

    Put McCain under the heat lamp:

    WASHINGTON, May 14. /TASS/. US Senator for Arizona, Republican party, John McCain has told BuzzFeed News he never accepted a proposal of participating in Ukraine’s council for reforms.

    “I was asked to do it both by Ukraine and [former Georgian leader Mikhail] Saakashvili and I said I would be inclined to do it but I said I needed to look at all the nuances of it, whether it’s legal under our ethics and all that kind of stuff,” he said.

    “I of course would love do anything I can to help Ukraine, but I’ve got to make sure it’s ok under Senate rules,” said McCain, who also chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee.

    A decree of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Wednesday listed McCain as one of eight foreign members of the council headed by Saakashvili. Several former ministers of EU countries and a European Parliament member, Jacek Emil Saryusz-Wolski, are also named as the council members.

    The international council for reforms is an advisory body to the Ukrainian president.

  2. blackseabrew May 23, 2015

    McCain is one sick warmonger. War is his answer to everything. It’s obvious his type can’t learn.

  3. kKeeton Post author | May 23, 2015

    Yes he is and seriously he needs to be put in a home. He lives to desire another war…

    Glad you came by and I hope you are doing good. Wish you could see the village here. They are doing tons of work to the monastery…

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