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Rinse, Repeat, Rinse & Repeat…

oh-no-not-this-againThe disillusioned psycho of a country (USA) that continues to repeat the same scenario over and over and over. Has just done the totally expected and repeated, once again a familiar pattern that causes chaos all over the world. Just so that the military complex from hell can profit, grow, and kill for pleasure…

Remember a man named Mikhail Saakashvili?

He was a man whom the U.S. installed in Georgia after a color revolution, a man who attacked and murdered his own people in an attempted war against Russia, he now resides in America, and he is a man who’s wanted for questioning, whom refuses to go before a tribunal as he hides in the west. He is almost done being put on Interpol most wanted, plus he is most of all – a paid lackey for the U.S.’s escapades…

This man who literally single handily destroyed a beautiful country such as Georgia, under U.S. guidance, is now being centered to become the next president or scapegoat, of Ukraine…

Ukraine has instilled a government full of foreigners and the latest western infiltration is Sassy Saakashvili; As the new non-staff advisor to Ukraine’s president, he made this first memorial quote:

Helping Ukraine with weapons is the top priority now,” Sassy said, as quoted by independent Kiev-based TV channel, Espreso TV. Then he went on to say, “I will coördinate the issue in the coming days.”

SaakashviliTherefore, this man who ate his tie as Russia was bearing down upon him, after he so blatantly tried to destroy South Ossetia and killed hundreds of Ossetians, an enclave of humans trying to just survive and be their own people…

Is now going to slide slowly into the power position within Ukraine and take over the job, in some way or another as main coördinator between Ukraine and America…

Rinse, Repeat, Rinse & Repeat…

The American way to instill love around the world…

Posted by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Marion February 16, 2015

    Nawwww- this is the old old Bolshevik method – keep repeating until everyone else gets bored and goes home so they are then the “majority attending” an election thusly winning by deceit. (Did I just hear a shoe slamming down on a table somewhere)?
    Sorry to see we have changed so much – or maybe it’s just my observation of it. Stalin’s Bolshevism was today’s Zionism on steroids…(Nothiing at all like Putin’s New Russia….Thank God!).

  2. kKeeton Post author | February 16, 2015

    Marion: You are correct and everyday, Sveta hears me say, “The US is now doing exactly what we condemned the Soviet Union about daily in my past!”

  3. Arvind Ramanujam February 16, 2015

    If Coffee can’t fix it
    It’s a serious problem

    Yes, it’s called Coffee addiction.

  4. kKeeton Post author | February 17, 2015

    Despite an existing extradition agreement, Kiev has refused to hand over Georgia’s ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili and former justice minister Zurab Adeishvili to Tbilisi, the Georgia’s chief prosecutor’s office said.

    “The Ukrainian side has failed to cooperate with the Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia in the matter of the extradition of Mikhail Saakashvili and Zurab Adeishvili to Georgia, and has refused to extradite the above mentioned persons,” a statement on Georgian chief prosecutor’s office website said.

    Kiev’s failure to extradite former Georgian officials is a violation of several international conventions and a bilateral agreement between Georgia and Ukraine, it added.

    “Extradition of wanted persons between Ukraine and Georgia is carried out according to the European Convention on Extradition of 1957, the Minsk Convention on Legal Assistance and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Matters of 1993, and a bilateral agreement signed between Georgia and Ukraine in 1995,” the statement said.

    Last week, Saakashvili was appointed a non-staff adviser to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The 46-year-old will head the Advisory International Council of Reforms, tasked with coming up with proposals and recommendations for implementing reforms in Ukraine based on leading international practices.

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