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Moscow Russia: Trees – The Leaves are Here and now they are Starting to Bloom!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

After my wonderful cup of coffee this morning, I took the dog for a long walk. As I was walking the dog, I noticed that in the last few days that the trees (bushes) have finally started to look very green and the flowering trees (bushes) are blooming. So lets have a look at a few pictures I took today, on a very late Spring…

Below: Looks like a ornamental cherry tree?
Below: The Chestnut trees are blooming…
Below: The Lilacs are blooming… (Oh they smell so good)
Below: Close up of a Chestnut…

Today is 5-18-09 and Monday!

Hope you have a wonderful week and come back for a view through the “Windows to Russia”!

comments always welcome.

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