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Neigh: No Horse Meat Says Russia…

Russia will restrict its meat imports from Europe if it does not receive additional guarantees that horse meat won’t be delivered to its market, Russia’s chief medical officer Gennady Onishchenko said Thursday. He said that he had received a letter from the EU in which it guaranteed full transparency of the investigation of the horse meat scandal. The scandal broke out three years ago when horse meat was found in “beef” ready-to-eat meals in Spain and Ireland. Later horse meat was found in beef products in Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. The cause of the substitution has not been determined yet. RIA

Okay! So according to a statement like this, I would assume that Russians do not want horse meat in their stores? Right?

So what the hell is all this canned and fresh cut meat available all over Russia. Our little store on the corner has a supply of canned horse meat and as I confirmed today, Heinz Baby Food made of Pony…

No! Russia does not want horse meat. Just look at the pictures below and imagine a thousand times more products than this. All horse or pony…

лошадь – horse
конь – horse
конина – horse meat
пони – pony

Take a trip to the local store and what do you find? That is correct – horse meat!

Now I don’t really care and I will not eat it. Well at least until I am starved, because I have eaten much much worse in my life and actually horse meat is really good, just psychologically damaging to my brain… 🙂

So Russia – don’t act out the fool on this subject. I support the hell out of Russia on many subjects, but this won’t fly with this blogger. I live here and know that you have much more horse meat available than beef and also many other anti-western types foods. I also know that when you have ground meat it is horse or at least partly. I do not care and will only tell it like it is…

I eat it all and smile…

For you snooty Americans...
For you Americans on a high-horse against Russia…

The real reason that you are playing games is that you are trying to get your own internal meat market developed, hogs, pigs, chickens, turkey, goat, lamb, horse and 20 other meats are being developed as we speak and I think that is fantastic. But you went into the World Trade Organization with open eyes and trying to skirt the issue with falsifications is just plain ignorant…

Russia is better than that and Russia should have never joined the WTO…

So, now you know something more about Russia…

I love Russia and her ways…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Lynn March 5, 2013

    This is a disgrace! Animals do not deserve to be treated in this manner! Please stop!

  2. Patricia Meijnckens March 5, 2013

    Stop behaving just like barbarians and respect all life on earth !!!

  3. Andyffc March 5, 2013

    Why we just butchered a mare this last fall and have eaten high on the hog all winter long! Can’t waste and want not if on a farm. We are waiting for the horse slaughterhouses to be allowed to work again. Big business in the USA!

  4. silvia March 5, 2013

    stop killing an animals!!!

  5. Igor March 5, 2013

    horse is a delicazy and we in russia like very much, we eat dear horse goat cow sheep pig hen or anythnk that does not eat us! I guess we “barbarians” :)Igor love you too.

  6. Jordans March 19, 2013

    Horse = good eating! Lean and you can’t gain weight on it and you can eat all you want! Love horse to ride and eat!

  7. rana ashfaq November 2, 2013

    whats the price per kg in horse meat so we can move ahead

  8. kKeeton November 2, 2013

    I just saw it for 196 rubles per kilo…

  9. Marion September 22, 2014

    Expletive! The thought of becoming a lacto-ovo vegetarian is becoming more and more attractive to me.


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