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Novorossia Freedom / Kiev Oppressor…

Debaltsevo Cauldron

Debaltsevo Cauldron has been a huge topic on this side of the world, this is a focal point in Ukraine, that has caused many in the American government to desire to send lots and lots of weapons to the Kiev Junta to help them to kill more Ukrainians. Therefore the Debaltsevo Cauldron is almost choked off and by most reports is closed, except for a narrow passage to let men escape, 10,000 plus men from the Kiev Junta army have been trapped or are going to be trapped and Kiev left them there to die…

This is what you get when you have people fighting for their homes, against people who are trying to take their homes from them. Now you see what really happens in all the American wars that they put boots on the ground, the people that live there fight for their lives and homes, thus we lose…

The reports are that 20,000 plus Ukrainian men are crossing the border per day into Russia. It now stands at 1.5 million Ukrainians have fled to Russia to either stay alive or escape forced draft to kill their fellow country men. This is the difference in men who fight for their lives and men who are forced to fight for the corporations and governments. The men, women, and children in Novorossia, fight to survive against a western backed and armed army for Kiev…

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Do not watch this video if you are squeamish; it is real, bad, terrible, and exact. It does not cover up, the horror and if you watch, be ready. The people of Novorossia are rightfully pissed. Reality of war is hell and Ukraine is hell now; thanks to America… Thank you America…

Translation Corrections as the video has hard-coded subs…

Around 4:41, “And if we dropped on Kiev such mines?” should be, “And if we dropped such mortar rounds on Kiev?”
At 5:22, a more accurate translation would be “You’ll rebuild our city.”
Around 8:30 to 8:57, “trucks” should be “armored vehicles (BMPs or BTRs).”
At 12:11, “respected” should be translated as “my good fellow.”
At 19:31, should be more like “…his hands go lame”, not his “…hands dry out.” They are translating too literally.
At the end, the security guy is just joking about hanging him, obviously that’s out of the question. These POWs will be traded for NAF POWs.

In the past 16 days, according to reports,
Ukraine’s army lost 136 tanks,
110 combat infantry vehicles and armored vehicles,
80 artillery units and mortars, and 58 cars.
Personnel losses stood at 1,569 people.”

After the cauldron is “cleaned up”, how much of the Ukrainian hardware is going to stay? Last time they were kicked out, they lost 60 % of all their hardware, even assuming they could substantially re-arm from the west, how much are they going to lose this time around? Another 40 %, perhaps? Is there anything to stay in the Ukrainian arsenal, I mean worth mentioning? Then this is why America is frantic to rearm Ukraine, it has lost everything to Novorussia. Thus the inner conflict developing in American politics…

Last I heard the Ukraine army is almost completely out of ammunition; about 4-5 weeks worth left, what then? And they have used their reserves up now, so they have no real offensive forces left. Therefore they are trying to force the men to fight, men from 18 to 60 years old, maybe younger and older from the rumors that I hear. The men are running from the west Ukraine in droves, thus the mercs are being brought in and they are now dying in groves…

It may be easier all round if the Kiev Junta just wrote a list of weapons they would like and send it straight to Obama, thus cutting out the middleman!

Listen to what is said in the video above. I suspect there is more war resistance than we know in Ukraine. So many are deserting, whole battalions of them, and they tell the same story…

“We thought we would be fighting Russian military invaders until we got here and saw who we were really fighting.”

Who where they fighting?

Their families, their countrymen, their souls…

Time to wake up and stop this, America admits they did it and America wants to keep arming the Kiev Junta. Why? Because we started it and we hate to lose, yet we always lose…

Posted by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

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  1. Arvind Ramanujam February 3, 2015

    Thanks for the video. It didn’t show up because it needed some other requirement to play but I got the link from the web page source.

    I still believe that it is a mistake of Russia to have annexed Crimea. Both Ukraine and Russia are equally to be blamed. But not as much as the hawks in the west.

  2. kKeeton Post author | February 3, 2015

    Really this has nothing to do with the Crimea. Except that the US wanted to get Russian out of the Crimea, where she has had a navel base forever. People do not understand the situation with the Crimea, if Russia wanted to it would easily have taken the east Ukraine also. The Crimea was a move to stop the west from playing a certain game. NATO has to be stopped, before nukes fly and NATO desires such a happening. I know, I spent years working in NATO, when I was stationed in Germany…

  3. Marza February 4, 2015

    This is truly horrific. The U.S. engineers (read … funds) the civil war in Ukraine with its goal as obtaining Kiev to ally with the EU vs. ally with Russia. ( think Natural gas) Ukraine has no true national identity to unify it’s eastern and western halves. The western side wants to be a EU tag along while the eastern half want to ally with Russia. What could possibly go wrong after US meddling (sarcasm.) Then US proceeds to blame Russia saying “Russia wants to take over Ukraine”‘, “Russia is invading Ukraine” when it’s Russian identifying eastern Ukranians who are fighting for their right to retain a Russian identity and their language. Now Kiev is low on ammo and weapons. Not to worry. I read yesterday, Obama is considering sending military support and arms to Ukraine.
    Few remember that Crimea belonged to Russia prior to Kruschev giving it to Ukraine 60 years ago. Not the most forward thinking plan on his part, since Sevastopol Is needed as a naval port for Russia.

    It is really difficult for me as a U.S. citizen to sit and watch the turmoil being stirred up by the politicians over here. I can truly see why other countries hate us. And no it’s not reported like this by the main stream media.

  4. kKeeton Post author | February 4, 2015

    Marza: you understand…

  5. kKeeton Post author | February 4, 2015

    MOSCOW, February 2, (TASS) – Ukrainian men of conscription age are seeking refuge in Russia in numbers that increased by 20,000 in one week, the press service of the Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) said on Monday.

  6. kKeeton Post author | February 4, 2015

    “About 2.5 million Ukrainian nationals, including 1.193 million men of conscription age, are staying in the territory of Russia,” the FMS told TASS. More than 850,000 people have arrived from Ukraine’s south-eastern regions.

  7. Monika February 10, 2015

    I grew up in ex-Czechoslovakia. When I was 13 my parents escaped the communist regime and we ended up living in Canada. When the war erupted in Ukraine my only hope for a peaceful world was shattered overnight. I have no joy in life anymore, because this conflict which once again has been orchestrated by the psychopathic West has proved once again that the war against the fascists did not end in Germany during WW2; fascism is very much alive. This situation in Ukraine makes the tragedy more painful because the whole of Europe is on the side of the fascist Americans; Europe was supposed to be more civilized from the Americans, but now we know that that was just an illusion. My grandma was Russian, she was born in Omsk and lived in Odessa for some time. The event that occurred in Odessa will stay with me even when I will lie on my death bed; the image of the dead pregnant woman in Odessa has changed my life forever. Unfortunately, that image represents what humanity has become, or it always has been and will be. I truly am heartbroken, I cry for the suffering people often and what kills me even more is that deep down I want to do something to help the people, but I don’t know how. I wrote a few letters to the newspaper where I live, but people here don’t give a sh_t. Feeling being helpless is the worst feeling. That is how the people in Ukraine feel right now. I wish I had a magic wand right now so that I could take the pain away from the suffering and make people love one another. Unfortunately, there is no such magical wand.

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