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Чёрная молния or Black Lightning – The Trailer for the Movie!

Svetlana and I just went today and saw the new movie Black Lightning! It is a Russian made movie though I did see a connection to Universal Films in the beginning credits.

This movie is about a Volga 21 that has extra ordinary powers. It seems that a group of Russian scientist created (about 30 years ago) this Volga because they thought it would be cool to do? After initial experiment was considered a failure, the lab was closed.
So in a more modern time a group of construction workers discovered the lab under ground and so starts the adventures of a Super Volga 21…
It was a fun and exciting movie and that is all you get to know because you need to go see it when you can!
We really loved it because Svet and I think Volga’s Rock!
Windows to Russia!
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