Tonight, I have a few unique minutes when I can address each and every one of you.

The outgoing year was not the easiest in our country’s life. Above all, I want to thank you for bearing up together. Together we have got through the difficulties, and we can therefore start moving forward to build a strong and modern country with a stable smart economy. We will do everything possible to make the lives of each of us safer and more comfortable.

This coming year will see us mark the 65th anniversary of Victory. It is our common duty to look after those who fought for our freedom. We need to be worthy of the victory they won. We still have much work ahead. The New Year is a new opportunity and we must not let it slip. The success of our undertakings depends on each of us, on what each of us does for our families, for our country.

New Year is our cherished family holiday. Today, we are all thinking of our loved ones, our parents, who we wish good health. We think of our children. We love you and we place our hopes in you. We want you to succeed in all your endeavours and we want you to be happy.

Dear friends,

The New Year is just around the corner now. Only a few moments remain. It is time to make our New Year’s wishes. May your biggest dreams come true, and may you always have your loved ones close by. I hope that all will go well.

I wish you all happiness.

Happy New Year 2010!

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