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Putin, Olympic Speech!

You got to hand it to Putin, He speaks better English than most Americans. I was very impressed. I think that Russia can take big advantage of this time and make the most spectacular Winter Olympics that has ever been hosted. Good Job Putin! Kyle Keeton comments welcome

Village was Beautiful!

Hello, The Village was fantastic and I just put a couple of new pictures for now. Tomorrow I have a big article I am working on. So for today enjoy the pictures from the Village. Kyle Yes that is my Sweety Pie!


Hello, My Sweetie @ I will be gone a few days! Going to the Village to tend the garden. Got radishes and potatoes to take care of. Everything else has died. :(( No Rain! But we should have about 200 pounds of potatoes. Yummy! :))))))) See everyone on Monday the 9th of July. Kyle

Sochi-2014 Winter Olympics

Hello,The word is Sochi did it!! Looks like President Putin really went all out to impressed the committee. I am really happy that Sochi gets to host the Winter Olympics. Here is an exerpt from a BBC article. The fact that president Putin spoke in English, French, and Spanish, to the committee showed how serious Putin took the task at…

The Fourth Of July!

Hello, I wish everyone a happy 4th of July. I know that this holiday in Russia is non existent. But I spent 47 years of my life enjoying this holiday. I wish all my friends in America a happy and safe 4th. In America everyone is traveling, The accident rate on the byways goes sky hi like the bottle rockets…

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You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward. - Amelia Earhart