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Part 2 – Ukraine Visa Trip! (January 2010)

If you follow along with this blog then you know that I am sorta an expert on getting a visa to Russia from Kiev, Ukraine. Remember I said sorta…

I will again post what it takes me to get a visa in Ukraine for Russia. This visa is a same day, dual entry (2), Business visa and it is good for three (3) months. It cost me $400 dollars.

Yes – you can spend less on a visa and stay longer in Ukraine. So unless you have a very cheap place to stay for 10 days, the bargain is same day visa. I have the cheapest hotel that I could find and it runs $36 dollars a day for single economy.

What is needed for me to get a visa in Ukraine to Russia?

Two applications for Russian visa. (Link)

Two Russian approved passport size photos.(paste to appropriate spot on application) (Link)

A copy of your passport. (black and white is best for clarity)

A copy of your immigration card received while crossing the Ukraine border. (Link)

A letter of invitation, in telex form. (Important – Telex – Important) (Link)

$400 American dollars (only – America dollars – only)

Get to the consulate by 9am and be prepared to wait a few hours. Once accepted by the consulate they will take your money and tell you to come back between 3pm and 4pm for same day visa. They have a lot of people getting visas so do not be late, because you will be moved to the next day. (I stood an hour out in -20 C in a line to make sure that I could catch my train that night.)
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