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PATHS: The Russian Tradition!

Today I woke up and felt a little better than normal. I was grumpy,(just ask my Sweetie), but I felt physically better. So I walked my Sweetie, to the bus stop and saw her off. I then walked through the woods back home…

I came across paths, every where there was paths. There was paths crossing paths. There was narrow paths. There was wide paths. There was paths for cars. There was asphalt paths. there was rocky paths. there was dirt paths. There was paths going nowhere. There was paths going to the flats. There was paths going to the freeway crosswalk. There was little paths going to bigger paths. sometimes there was two or three parallel paths going to the same place…

These paths that I took pictures of, were not in a large area. They were within 200 to 300 meters of where I live. Anywhere you walk in Russia you will find paths…

In Russia, if there is not a path going to where you want to go. Make your own path! It is OK!

A path is definitely a “Russian Tradition!”

Windows to Russia!

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