I have been very busy altering the site for the past month. I hope that I have not disturbed too many of you. What you see now will be the main layout and will not change except for additions.

New additions to the site:
1. A forum has been added.
2. A guest book has been added.
3. The site design has changed from a left sided site to a right sided site.
4. A translation button for the Russian language, translates whole web page!
5. Translator on every post, (flags).

I hope that all enjoy, please join the forum and sign the guest book if you have time.
The forum will be up and running full strength by next week. any suggestions leave them at the forum.

Thanks for all who visit everyday, This site is to let the world see a side of Russia, that many do not know about.

Kyle Keeton
comments always welcome, as always! 🙂