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Photo Day… 07-18-2016 – Tiny Russian Village…

keep-calm-theres-a-baby-on-the-wayI have to say something; Svetochka is about two weeks or less from becoming a “Babushka.” That means grandma in Russian and her mom is going to be a “Pro Babushka” or a great grandma. In Moscow Svetochka and her mother went to see the baby furniture that was bought by Sveta and her mom, for the new baby to come soon. By the end of the month and all looks good to go… πŸ™‚

I think the idea is growing on Svetochka and she is starting to get excited about the new baby coming. I know she wants to come for her birthday to the Tiny Russian Village, but as she reads this. I want her to think about hanging around Moscow until the baby is born. This is an important and very special time in life. Mainly for her son and his wife, but also for the grandmas and great grandmas and yes even the grandpas. I have said before that I stay out of the Russian family business and other than saying to Svetochka that Boza and I miss her. Somethings are more important in life and a new baby is one of those special miracles that needs to be experienced. Especially as a grandma…




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