Putin and Bush, Eating High On The Hog! (Lobster)


I wrote a very small article on this last weekend meeting between Putin and Bush. I said it was a good time of the year to have a BBQ. Boy, I was wrong, They had Lobster. They should have rethought that menu, Putin can have Lobster any time he feels like. Putin can have any food he wants! But in Russia they do not think of BBQ like Americans do. They could have at least had a clam bake on the beach!!!!
link: http://kylekeeton.com/2007/06/putin-bush-to-share-thoughts-once-again.html

Putin came all the way to America to eat Lobster!

I also hope that since it is so close to the Fourth of July, that they shot bottle rockets and fire crackers. Putin and Bush could have bought bottle rockets and other fireworks. Then they could have worked out their differences with a good old fashion bottle rocket war.

What better way to enjoy the Fourth of July!!!!

Once again, I am really glad that Putin and Bush are such good Buddies!


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