Stormy Day In Russia!

I was drinking my coffee again and thinking. I was thinking about my Dad. My Dad died when I was around 21 years old. I feel lucky that I had him that long. My wife’s Dad died when she was 3 years old. So I feel very fortunate that my Dad was alive when I grew up.

My Dad wanted to do something with his life. He wanted to join the Peace Corps. He wanted to start his own business. He wanted to see other countries. My Dad never talked much to me, but he would make statements. Like before he died, he said to me, : “I do not want to be on artificial life support, If I am ever hospitalized.” That’s is all he said no less no more. When my Dad died I remembered his words. They helped guide me on his last day on earth. The decisions I made at 21 years old, when he was dieing, was based on many of the statements that he said to me.

Some of the statements that he said: He always wanted to have his own business. ( I did have my own business. Very successful! )

My Dad wanted to travel the world. (I am trying) I have been to Germany, Mexico, Vietnam, Hawaii, Ukraine, Moldova, Canada, and I live now in Russia.

The things my Dad wanted, He was not able to do for himself. But he instilled them in me. I live some of the life, that he wanted. I guess you could say that is what I got, from my Dad. The desire to explore. The need to see what is over the horizon.

The next place that my Wife and I want to go to, is China and Mongolia. We have this trip in our dreams and hearts. I am lucky, my Wife likes to explore also!

My Dad lives on in me. Like I hope that I will live on in my Son and he lives on in his Son.

I lived through what killed my Dad. Blockage to the Widow Maker Artery. When My Dad died, technology could not save him. Now when it was my turn to meet the Grim Reaper, technology rushed me to the operating room and put stints in my artery’s. I have a total of 6 stints in my arteries!!

So, I plan on traveling with my wife! She is the keeper of my soul! She has the key to my heart! When I travel to China and Mongolia, She will be by my side and we will be like two kids enjoying the sites.

But I will also think of my Dad, for he watches over me, smiles in approval, as I take some of what he has taught me and try to make a better life for myself. I think my Dad would like my life now!

I just wish that I could call him and say ,”Hey Dad, guess what?”


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