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Rain and More Rain in the Russian Village…

Well the story of my life always happens and Sveta says that it is a good thing, because it has not rained for two months in the village and by us coming down here it has rained for two days and looks like it will rain two more days…

So we are listening to the rain hit the roof and leaves of the trees, as the plants all sigh in relief as the water drizzles into the ground. How about a couple of pictures that we took?

The photo above is the Kremlin that we saw in the beautiful city called Kolomna! The Kremlin is only about 1/10 still there and while the Monastery is still functioning, the original walls are gone and it is a huge tourist attraction. I saw bus after bus from Germany pulling into the complex and have lots of pictures of the tourist side of things. But Sveta and I wandered all over and found we liked the city side of the place better. It is very impressive and the Kremlin in original state looks to me like it was much more massive and encompassed a lot more area than the Moscow Kremlin…

The photo about is s brand new picture of our village. I find that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world and nothing matches the incredible beauty of this village located above a lake. It is beyond words for me to describe, but the photo does it justice and the photo says all…

The picture above is from last night after the first day of rain stopped and the sky cleared, Sveta and I took a walk to the river. As I turned around I saw the perfect shot…

Have a nice day and I will be back again to tell everyone what we are up too in the beautiful Russian village…

Kyle and Sveta
Windows to Russia!


  1. Сергей July 17, 2012

    Если хотите взглянуть на настоящий кремль, вам стоит посетить Псков. Вот где история и стены производят неизгладимое впечатление.

  2. admin Post author | July 17, 2012

    “If you want to look at the real Kremlin, you should visit the Pskov. That’s where the story and the walls make a lasting impression.”

    Sveta said that was a good idea and that we will take you up on that!

  3. Сергей July 19, 2012

    Будете в Пскове, обязательно посетите Мирожский монастырь – до недавнего времени там находилась известная школа иконописи (это не далеко от центра). В Пскове (несмотря на то, что это не большой город) очень много старых церквей. Одна из них (тоже стоит посетить, но желательно в выходные дни – служба там не каждый день) на противоположном от Кремля берегу реки – церковь Усечения главы Иоана Предтечи датируется 12-13 веком, она даже внешне сильно отличается от знакомой архитектуры.
    Также могу посоветовать посетить действующий Печерский монастырь (это всего в 50 километрах от Пскова), а на полпути – крепость Старый Изборск.
    Псков всегда был пограничным городом и у него богатая история.
    Сам я сейчас живу в Москве, но буду рад помочь, если решите посетить мой любимый город.

  4. blackseabrew July 24, 2012

    You might want to share a bit of rain with us in the midwest. We’re parched. ((((

  5. admin Post author | July 26, 2012

    Yes we have had lots of rain! Sorry Russia wants to keep it and grow wheat…

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