Recipe for Grechka: Russia’s Brown Rice (Buckwheat groats)

Grechka: Could be Called – Russia’s Brown Rice!

When I first came to Russia three years ago. I was fed for one of my very first meals Grechka (Buckwheat). Now since I grew up a country boy I had eaten hot buckwheat before. But never any that tasted as good as the Grechka in Russia!

It had a distinct nutty flavor that I had never tasted before (due to roasting process and oven baking). So getting the right Buckwheat may not be easy in America, but you can get Buckwheat and it is worth the try to make Grechka. Tidbit of information – Buckwheat is not a grain it is a fruit seed (the seed is related to rhubarb)!

Lets make some Grechka to warm our tummy’s on a cold winter day. Maybe you could have Grechka with that Thanksgiving meal as a side dish…


200-250 ml whole roasted buckwheat groats
Tablespoon of butter (rounded)
½ tsp salt
boiling water

Lets Make:

Rinse groats with cold water then pour them in a flat and wide casserole dish or oven pan.

Add a tablespoon of butter. (More if you so desire)

Then sprinkle with the salt. (to taste and I like a pinch of pepper)

Pour enough boiling hot water into pan to coat the groats completely and then mix gently.

Then just cover pan tightly with a lid or a piece of foil and bake the dish, at 150 to 175 °C for about 1 – 2 hours. (not too hot so we do not burn the Grechka.)

(Baking is important and helps give buckwheat its nutty taste.)

Remember – The steam building inside the pan is an important part of cooking this dish, so you should not remove the cover or stir the mixture during baking. (Using a double boiling method is advised for the perfect Grechka. A pan within a pan and the first pan with water.)

The Grechka is ready when all the liquid has been absorbed, softening the Buckwheat groats.

Serve Grechka with melted butter. Grechka may be served as an individual dish for a healthy meal or as a replacement for rice. (It is better than rice)

Notes: I like to add mushrooms and any other variety of seasonings and veggies. Grechka can be turned into a wonderful soup that with hit the spot on a cold winter day…


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