Why Iran Wants the Delivery of the S-300 Air Defense Missiles From Russia!

Today the pressing news in Russia is the S-300 air defense missile systems that Iran wants delivered by Russia. Iran is even saying (according to TV station 1) that they can sue in the International court of law to get the contracted S-300 air defense missile systems.

We all know that Israel and the USA have tried and are putting pressure on Russia not to deliver these state of the art air defense missiles…

With all the hoopla about Israel wanting to attack Iran and trying to get permission from Obama to overfly Iraq, the installment of these Russian S-300’s would virtually assure Iran of a unbeatable defense to Israel attack.

Why is the S-300 air defense so important to Iran?

Well look at what Wikipedia says:

The S-300 is also capable of destroying ballistic missile targets, and is regarded as one of the most potent anti-aircraft missile systems currently fielded. Its radars have the ability to simultaneously track up to 100 targets while engaging up to 12. S-300 deployment time is five minutes. The S-300 missiles are sealed rounds and require no maintenance over their lifetime. An evolved version of the S-300 system is the S-400 (NATO reporting name SA-21), that entered service in 2004. (Link)

This would allow Iran to virtually “mop up the air” on Israel jets that attack the nuclear sites in Iran…

So while Iran is being lambasted with reports from Western press that Israel wants the OK from Obama to attack and get Americas help.

Iran needs that protection and now! (Israel says threat of attack on Iran, no bluff ” If no crippling sanctions are introduced by Christmas, Israel will strike,” Sneh said. “If we are left alone, we will act alone.” )

Should Russia send the contracted S-300 air defense missiles to Iran?

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