Recipe From Russia: Selyodka pod Shuboy (Dressed Herring) recipe!

Selyodka pod Shuboy (Dressed Herring) recipe: (that means “Herring under fur coat”) This is a very traditional Russian food and can be found at any and all occasions. Russians adore this salad and you will also when you make it and try it for the first time.

So lets make some Selyodka pod Shuboy:


2 ea thick salted herrings

5 ea potatoes (peeled)

4 ea carrots (peeled)

4 ea beets

5 ea eggs (hard boiled)

400 gr mayonnaise (mayo, not miracle whip)

1 onion (diced and only for those who like onion)

2 – 3 raw fresh garlic toes (peeled and chopped)


Boil vegetables until they are ready ( You can boil all vegetables in the same pan. Do not boil onion and garlic).

Boil the eggs hard.

Peel skin from herrings, cut them along the spine. Take all bones away. Cut herring meat into small cube size pieces and always check for bones. (Some chop the meat very fine to make sure bones are gone.)


Take a large dish.

layer the herring meat evenly on the bottom of the dish.

If you like onion, you can put little pieces of onion on or in the the herring. This is also where you layer the garlic on or in the herring.

Then spread mayonnaise evenly (thin layer).

Grate potatoes and use all of them to make the next layer.

Then spread mayonnaise evenly (thin layer).

Then grate carrots and make next layer.

Then spread mayonnaise evenly (thin layer).

Then grate only 4 of the eggs and make next layer.

Then spread mayonnaise evenly (thin layer).

Then grate all the beets and make next layer.

Spread rest of mayonnaise (thick) on the beets and grate the last hard boiled egg on top of the whole dish for a decorative touch.

This salad must look like a layer cake.

Put the dish in the fridge for an hour or more to chill before eating.

Time to eat this tasty Russian dish – Yummy!


I also like to sprinkle fresh herbs and grasses on top also for decoration and flavor…

Some boil veggies with skins on and then peel and some peel then boil…

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