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Recipe From Russia: Simple Mushroom Cutlets!

Mushroom Cutlets: Mushroom dishes are loved in Russia. In Russia mushrooms gave a special taste to soups, pies, sauces and meat. Simply boiled, fried, stewed or pickled mushrooms have a special place in the hearts of Russian people. So it is natural that Russians would make a meal out of mushrooms. Today we will try a Mushroom recipe that makes the mushroom the main course and not a side dish…

# 200 to 300 grams of mushrooms.
# 100 grams of cooked rice. (must cook rice first)
# 2 whole medium onions.
# 2 tablespoons of flour.
# salt to taste.
# ground pepper to taste.

If Mushrooms are fresh then cook first in a lightly oiled skillet – If canned then drain very well.
Chop, dice, smash and squish the mushrooms into a very fine particles.
Chop onion finely (like mushrooms).
Mix mushroom with onion, rice, salt to taste, pepper to taste and flour in a mixing bowl. (should be like a ground meat style)
Form medium size balls and then shape into cutlets.

Roll cutlet in flour again, then fry on both sides of cutlet in a skillet with a good layer of oil on medium heat, until the cutlet turns golden brown.

Lets Eat:
Perfect served with any salads made from fresh vegetables. I love them with a dab of sour cream on top of them…Yummy!

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