Model 310221 Volga and the Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra!

Our new Volga – The picture is from the advertisement for it and it does look that good!
Hey Everyone,

While having that wonderful cup of coffee this morning I was thinking about the trip we made this Saturday to go look at a new (used) Volga car. The Farmer (Dennis) from America and his son (Darrell) went with us for an excursion to the outer parts of Moscow Area. (Link to article about Dennis and Darrell)

Ever since our Volga was stolen and destroyed by being burned. We have been looking for a replacement Volga. It was a hard decision: Svet and I have stewed over several issues.
1. Do we get another Model 2410 like our other one?
2. Do we get a different type of car other than a Volga?
3. Do we want newer or older?
4. Other words – Do we? Do we? Do we? (Major decisions and issues to Svet and I.)

This was an undertaking because even though there are lots of cars for sell. We have been reduced to public transport to get to see the cars. That usually entails 5 to 6 hour trips. (Or more!)

Svet and I finally decided that to replace Nelly (Our old Volga 2410) with another one just like her was not going to work. There is only one Nelly and she was gone now. But we had pinpointed that we definitely wanted a Volga though. Svet saw a Volga station wagon and fell in love with the room and size. Now the issue was finding the correct wagon to meet our needs and tastes.

After looking around we realized that a Volga wagon is not that common. That to get a good wagon we had to get out away from Moscow City. That meant a few long trips would be necessary to find the correct car. One such trip happen to fall on this last Saturday and the guys from America who are still here had nothing to do so they tagged along on a car excursion. Svet had a friend who was also bored, ended up going with us. We ended up with a team of 5 people taking a 2 hour train ride to no mans land to see a car that might just be a pile of junk…

We also try to turn excursions like this into sightseeing trips and in this case we were able to go to a fantastic Monastery (Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra) and do a little looking around. Well this was a fantastic day and to cut a long story and make it shorter. Here are some pictures.

Train Station at Nowhere land!
Climb to the Village!
We found the Greatest Monastery! (That is Dennis and Darrell)
Svets friend Ksenia!
We found Holy Water and it was a busy place…
The trip was a success and we bought the car. I got 10,000 rubles knocked off the price which was about 20% of the total. That made me feel good and made the trip worth the time. The car will be picked up this next Saturday afternoon and we will be driving her home.

So Dennis and Darrell got to see a different part of Russia and we all had a wonderful time.

Our new Volga is called Sammy or Sam: Short for Samantha: Link to Samantha the Car! 🙂

Windows to Russia!
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