Recipe From Russia: Simple Skillet Style, Posh Squash!

Windows to Russia!
Today lets make a simple skillet style Posh Squash: (Not casserole)

I love squash and so do Russians. But in Russia they use zucchini or young yellow squash. This recipe will not be as good according to the Russians, when using big yellow ripe squash like Americans like. 🙂


* 2 medium squashes or 3 zucchini (cubed)
* 5 tomatoes (cubed)
* 2 big carrots grated or 4 small carrots (grated)
* 3 medium onions (diced)
* fresh dill, fresh parsley, celery root, fresh garlic – (to your taste -all chopped)
* Salt, pepper, oil

Take two frying pans and in one frying-pan, fry the squash (or zucchini). Skin on or off is your choice. If the squash seems old remove skin so that it will not chance of being tough. Fry for about 5 minutes at medium heat before…

In the other frying-pan, fry tomatoes, sliced onions, and grated carrots. This is started about 5 minutes after the first skillet so that you do not over cook the other veggies. Cook until onions start to go transparent then…

Mix them into one skillet and add salt, garlic, celery root, black ground pepper and herbs. Mix well and stew for another 5-6 more minutes.

Time to eat:

This recipe can be eaten with just about anything and can be eaten cold as well. I like to break up black bread in a bowl and scoop a ladle of Posh Squash over top and eat while hot or cold. When cold it is great as a spread on a slice of black bread… (Yummy)

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