From Russia: Who is the King of Propaganda?

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How about a good article on America and her propaganda issues?

Amerika, King of Propaganda – World War 2

Written by Aleksander Mykhalovetsky.


I read the Time article that the above article is based against and just sighed in disbelief: The facts are totally screwed up by Time but then again the facts presented are the same that I was raised on.

Face it America – the Time Article (Russia Moves to Ban Criticism of WWII Win) is a low life excuse for an article by a Western Press organization that should have the real truth. Instead, they print this dribble that is embarrassing to the world. Maybe that is the issue – The world sees the truth but America is so self secluded by media that Americans do not see it.

By the way America: The Soviet Union lost more people in WWII than you can imagine – something like 27,000,000 Soviet people died in that war.

In Russia they still remember…

Thanks to a good reader Zhann that brought this to my attention. Aleksander Mykhalovetsky tells it like it is.

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