Recipe From Russia: Simple Vegetable – Fruit Paste!

In Russia they have a variety of Vegetable pastes that I love to spread on black bread. I have even used these pastes to make a variety of dishes that really have a wonderful and unique flavor. Since there are about 400,000,000 types of veggy paste lets grab a good simple one and try it out.

Vegetable Paste with Red Beets and Prunes:


500 grams of red beets
300 grams of red onions
300grams of prunes
100 grams of raisins

Lets Make:

Rinse the red beet, peel it and grate coarsely into a sauce pan add a glass of water and start cooking with a cover over low heat – add after a few minutes the prunes and raisins after thoroughly rinsing them both. (You should now have beets, raisins and prunes cooking in the sauce pan.)

The idea is to cook the beets, raisins and prunes but not turn them to mush and waste product…

Then peel the onions, chop them very fine and saute in a light vegetable oil on medium heat in a skillet. (just get them to turn opaque)

After everything is done drain excess moister off by using a colander. (Leave the oil on the onions.)

Then mix and create a paste with the vegetables and fruit in a blender. Make sure to mix well. You should have a thick paste that a spoon will stand up in. Very important that you drain all excess moisture. That is why we do not cook the veggies and fruit to death. (Russians will use a grinder to mix these items but there are many good food processors that will do the same job.)

I love to eat this paste warm but it fantastic chilled and makes a great nutritious spread for toast in the morning times. Yummy!

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