The US will Establish Three Military Bases in Georgia?

What is the hot news all over Georgia and Russia? Well if you would mention that Hillary Clinton Opened her mouth and expressed some information about the future of America in the Caucasus. Then you would have guessed correctly…

If the project is implemented, up to 25,000 US troops will be deployed in the former Soviet republic (Georgia). This number is much more than the number of Russian servicemen deployed in military bases in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, observers say.

“Analysts have no doubts that the US is eager to control routes of the transit of hydrocarbons from the Caspian basin to the West using all possible means, including military ones,” Rossiya TV and press said. “The plans to deploy tracker stations and military bases in Georgia only support this theory,” the paper said.

The Georgian media is awash with the news that Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were discussing military plans during their meeting at the 64th session of the UN General Assembly. (That was not smart!)

Also A few days ago, Georgian mass media reported the U.S. can deploy military bases in the country. According to their data, a group of Republican Congressmen and ex-Vice President Dick Cheney are dealing with the project. (Link) (I like how Dick Cheney still runs everything.)

Lets see:
We have 25,000 troops permanently in South Korea!
We have 33,000 troops permanently Japan!
We have 57,000 troops permanently Germany!
We have 10,000 troops permanently Itlay!
We have 10,000 troops permanently in the UK!
We have 1300 troops permanently in Spain!
We have 1600 troops permanently in Turkey!
Now we can look forward to 25,000 troops permanently in Georgia (That is not Georgia the USA but Georgia the country!)

By the way in the whole world:

The military of the United States is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, with more than 369,000 of its 1,379,551 active-duty troops serving outside the United States and its territories. Many of these troops are still located at installations activated during the Cold War, by which the US government sought to counter the Soviet Union in the aftermath of World War II. Since 2001, the US has redeployed some of its forces as part of the “War on Terror.”

Now that is good use of tax payers money when the USA is broke…

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