Recipe From Russia: Sour Cream Tomatoes!

Windows to Russia!
Summer is here in Russia and one of the things about summer is that you get cheap delicious tomatoes and not the indoor hydroponic type. When fresh tomatoes from the real farms are out – it is time to eat up!

This recipe will take the acidic of the tomatoes and tone it down. Russians love sour cream and in Russia it is called Smetana. That was the first Russian word I learned because I love sour cream so much. In Russia sour cream will go on just about anything from soups, meats and veggies.

This is not exactly a Recipe that screams out Russia in flying colors. But Russians like fresh garlic, they love tomatoes and they really love Smetana! 🙂

So Lets Make Some Super Simple Sour Cream Tomatoes:


* Some ripe tomatoes (any type just not hydroponic style)
* Fresh Garlic (to taste)
* Sour-cream (lots and thick)
* salt (to taste)


Quarter cut tomatoes into big chunks, (put in big bowl)

Add a lot of fresh sliced garlic toes, (I just push the garlic slice into the tomato itself.)

Pour or scoop sour-cream over top the tomatoes and garlic then gently mix. (do not squish)

Let it stand for up to an hour in the refrigerator.

Then ready to eat – Enjoy Yummy!

Notes: Use garlic powder for those who only want a little flavor. Russian for the most part love garlic and fresh + lots = garlic! This recipe is also great with green tomatoes…

Windows to Russia!
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