In Moscow, Russia Tornadoes are Rare! (Lets Keep Them That Way.)


Krasnozavodsk which is near Moscow experienced a rare moment in history that I am sure that they never want to experience again…

At first I was ho hum about this tornado. I grew up in tornado ally in America (Kansas City area) so when my wife got all excited, I just said: “yup, a tornado.” Then went on about what ever I was doing. I really never thought about it, until I realized it seemed to keep popping up on the news like every 5 minutes in Moscow, Russia.

The reaction in Moscow has been one of almost terror at times and it has been the talk of the city. Svet posted a article on her video blog: Russian Video: Tornado near Moscow! It has been hit by visitors like crazy. She just set a new record for her website with Goggle on this article.

I was so nonchalant about this because I grew up with multiples of tornadoes on the farm. I remember spending lots of time in our storm shelter. (With the bugs, snakes and mice. Cool!) I remember seeing huge Oak trees twisted like a peppermint stick also. But like many things in life you get numb to things like that.

So I learned a lesson from this. There was a lot of damage and it really caught these people off guard about how quick it all happened. I learned that we all have different experiences in life and what I took for granted was a shock to others.

This was a once in a life time experience for Svet. She has never seen or had a tornado near her in her whole life. I am very glad that she posted on her blog about this experience. It helped her understand what a tornado is.

Svet learned that she does not wish for anymore tornadoes to come by Russia again. They do a lot of damage and kill and injure people fast. Last report 60 people seriously injured.

So while it was an exciting happening, lets hope that tornadoes do not decide to make the Moscow, Russia area a new tornado ally…

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