Recipes From Russia: The Simple Ground Meat Cutlet – Russian Style!

In Russia this is a common food recipe and it is considered a fast type food (home food) so it is not served in many restaurants in Russia. Even though there are about 300,000,000 different variations of this food, I am going to give you a version that is easy to make. You can also buy these in any Russian grocery store and they are OK, but as always they are much better when you make them yourself. 🙂

Russian word is “kotleta” Lets make some Cutlets!


* A mix of equal parts of ground pork and ground beef – (about a Kilo total)
* 1 large egg
* 1 big onion (white or yellow)
* two to three slices of white bread ground up thoroughly.
* Half a cup of milk
* Salt, pepper, grasses and other spices – to taste
* fresh crushed garlic – to taste


In a large mixing bowl put the ground meat and well minced onion.
Then add the egg and any and all spices that you desire.
Then on top of that add the diced and shredded bread.
Then add half cup of milk and if desired throw in some crushed fresh garlic.
(At this point add anything that you feel like. I like crushed red pepper!)

Mix ingredients by hand and make sure to really use your hands (wash first please). Squeeze the mix between the fingers until all items are blended very well. (If product seems to be a little wet add more bread.)

Making cutlet:

Now we need to make the patties. I take a small hand full of the mix and form a very thick oval shaped patty. You can make them how ever you are happy doing. (Some love to make squares.)


In a large non stick skillet with a good layer of veggy oil place the cutlets non touching to fry in the hot oil. Medium heat is good for non stick. (If using old cast iron skillet then increase heat to help stop sticking problems.) Fry about 7-9 minutes per side if very thick. (Due to use of pork make sure cutlet is well done.) Cover skillet for deep cooking the meat.


Served as a main dish with pan-fried potatoes, mashed potatoes, pasta and or rice are some of the many side dishes. I like them dipped in sour cream.


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Notes: You can use ground chicken or turkey also as the meat.

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