In Russia – Life is Simple and Good!


I am drinking my second cup of coffee today. I just finished installing our new Washer and felt like I deserved that second cup of coffee.

Isn’t that just the most – “fancy kitchen” – you have ever seen?
The refrigerator is from the Soviet era and belonged to Svetlana’s Aunt. (It is at least 30 plus years old.) The new stove came with the flat and we scrounged our rubles (9000 of them) and bought a new washer. Now the sink is standard equipment in a new flat. It is even by this country boys standards, terrible. We are going to live with it for now and to be honest, I am growing kinda fond of it. I have already cut some front leg braces for it and I am going to build a cabinet around it. I really think that I can make something of it. 🙂

I also installed our tiny fire hose today, that is a requirement for safety of the building. The hose is 20 meters long and the plumbers already plumb the attachment end while building the unit. When you move in they give you this tiny fire hose as a house warming gift. (better than flowers) All I had to do is mount it on the wall and attach the hose to said end of pipe. It has an adjustable spray nozzle to vary the stream of water. Cool idea…

That fire hose would be fun to use for play but lets hope that I never have to use it for real. That is all for today and my projects that I am working on.

Now it is laundry time…

Windows to Russia!
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