America Loves to Sensationalize Context When Related to Russia!

Look Ma! A Russian Submarine…
Hey Everyone,

I can not believe the Western media and the story after story about two Russian submarines that are off the coast of America in International waters. Every think tank in the world is now expressing their opinion on why Russia has all of a sudden patrolled waters near America. This is the first time since Soviet era say’s the awestruck Western news media.

As of this morning I have seen literally every major news source from the West running an article about this happening. So Russia is running several articles about how they are not attacking the USA and that they are not up to any sneaky activities.

Ever since the Russian sub not long ago popped up from under the ice in the Arctic and tested a missile launch sucessfully. America has been on Russian Submarine pins and needles…

Looks like Russia just stoked the flames a little more by allowing one sub to be seen and the other is still unknown in location. (That is the part that makes the American military cringe.)

So good job America – use this story to fan the flames of anti Russian propaganda. Maybe we can scare the population back to bomb shelters that we all so fondly remember from the past era…

Windows to Russia!
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Video on Russian Military thoughts on this subject: