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Russia is Buying 4 Mistral-class Amphibious Assault Ships!

A good reader of “Windows to Russia” sent this link today: Georgia hopes France won’t sell Mistral to Russia. They know how much that I love it when Georgia jumps up and down, all upset over what Russia is doing.

I have written several articles about this sale of the French Warship to Russia. Now that Medvedev is in France, it seems that the whole world has restarted jumping up and down about how bad it is to sell a French Warship to Russia…

Well for all you Doom Sayers, it is not just one (1) ship but 4 French Warships being talked about. The last I had heard it was 3 French Warships. Then to my surprise, today it was announced by the Russian news that Medvedev and Sarkozy have laid the ground work for the sale and transfer of information to produce 4 of these Mistral Class French Warships…

After talks with President Dmitry Medvedev, on a state visit to France, Nicolas Sarkozy, his French counterpart, said one or preferably two 21,300-ton Mistral-class ships would be built at the STX shipyards at Saint-Nazaire, western France. The others would be built in Russia. (Link)

So all the Doom Sayers can go home and hide under the bed! France is going to sell 4 of these Mistral-class Amphibious Assault Ships to Russia…

Oh My – Lions,Tigers and Russian Bears – Oh My!

Windows to Russia!

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