Russia is Hot!!

I moved to Russia and the weather changed. So everyone in Russia can blame me. I came from the Midwest of the United States. I expected it to be much cooler this far north.

Not to be! I brought the Midwest weather with me. The winter was mild, The spring, non existent. The summer is HOT and it is not summer yet!
I assumed that Russia was cold. (you know what assume means).
What it really means, Is that people who have never had to have fans, or air conditioning, are finding themselves suffering. Most people I have heard about have never even owned a fan.
I feel for them, I have two fans blowing on me now. The temperature on my balcony is 36 degrees Celsius. (96.8 degrees F.) Now in Russia, that’s hot!
So Moscow, now you know who is to blame for the heat (ME). The Midwest of the United States is cooler than we are here.
Go figure that.
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