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Russia: Little by Little!


I printed a post not long ago about Russia: “Beware Russia is Growing While You Look The Other Way!” So while everyone is still worried about mole hills, Russia is building Mountains!
BARVIKHA (Moscow Region), July 22 (RIA Novosti) – Russian energy companies have signed cooperation agreements with Venezuela’s state oil and gas company as part of an official visit by the South American country’s president to Russia.

Anglo-Russian oil venture TNK-BP and Venezuela’s PDVSA agreed on the joint exploration of the Ayacucho-2 area in the Orinoco oil belt in Venezuela. Russian state-run energy giant Gazprom signed a deal with the Venezuelan company on the appraisal and certification of the Ayacucho-3 oil fields.

LUKoil and PDVSA signed a memorandum of understanding and an agreement on joint exploration in the Junin-3 area, also in the Orinoco belt.

The documents were signed in the presence of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez.

Chavez told the Russian leader: “We are happy to be here, and this is an excellent opportunity to promote and improve our relations and open up new horizons.”

Medvedev said the Russian-Venezuelan talks would give “another powerful impetus” to bilateral relations.
Looks like Russia Growing! What with major input into Africa, South America, China & many more. Russia is starting to prove that they are serious about their new Democracy. I am starting to understand that Russia looks at the world allot different than America…..

And it is not all Bad!

Kyle & Svet

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