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Russia Needs Boots on the Ground in Syria – Over Coffee…

Coffee that wonderful substance that wakes the brain up and causes the synapses to fire at a better pace. Coffee thinking’s are a byproduct of that… 🙂

This article is directed at the Kremlin today. I have a huge readership that is located downtown Moscow, Almost as big as the readership from Washington DC. I think the only reason that the DC readership is bigger is because DC has a million more government agencies to play on the internet…

So sorry DC, this article is not for you so go away…

I have come to the conclusion that Russia needs to put boots on the ground in Syria. I know they have some there, but I mean Russia needs to put serious boots on the ground and make a serious stand in the world. The Russian people are definitely giving their okay about doing this and the Russian people are sick and tired of the Western escapades…

Now this is no ones opinion but mine and I am just making a statement that maybe it is time to look at the real picture. I am not sure that they can look at the real picture and try to continue in the world financial divisions, but sometimes dammit money is not the point anymore…

I see a Russia trying to walk a thin line and they seem to waver to one side or the other. One minute they seem to be swaying to the Western side a little bit, then they seem to swing back and re-stance on the Syrian side. I say make a swing one way or the other and get it over with. They are just trying to walk that dastardly line of hell, between two worlds, so far apart that they have lost sight of each other when it comes to morals and whatnot’s…

My opinion no matter how practical is is or isn’t, is one that points to Russia and China getting together and stepping into Syria and tell the West to “Stick it Where the Sun do not shine!” Then mean it and back it…

I promise that the USA will back down and stay in their corner, while they badmouth Russia to the end of the earth. (Georgia 2008- is an example of this!) They will badmouth China some, but hey China owns America and America can not hardly allow itself to be repossessed…

Bullies sometimes have to be stood up against and unless a bully is put in his place then he just keeps expanding his territory and beating on innocent people. For you see a bully find enjoyment in beating up people that can not fight back. Though the opposite happens if someone comes along that just might give the bully a black eye. The bully always backs up and even though they are mouthy and hateful they do not like to get punched back. I know because I knocked my share of bullies down a few notches, as they tried to intimidate smaller stature individuals…

It is strange that I grew up that the Soviet Union was always the worlds bully. Then it became Russia after the breakup of the Soviet Union and all the satellite countries of the CSI made sure to push that point, much to the joy of the Western Empire. Then to live in Russia and study Russia, that is when you realize that the propaganda machine in the West has always worked overtime against the Soviet/Russia Empire…

This is a Putin decision to be made! Just like the decision that Medvedev made to rip Georgia a new ass when they decided to kill off South Ossetia. This is a defining moment for Putin and I am sure that he is doing some major contemplating on what happens if he does this or that. Hence the wobbling going on now…

Russian could be surround by the West and still give the West nightmares every night for the rest of its life. Russia has such a powerful nuclear deterrent that any contemplation of attacking her is total unadulterated suicide for the whole world at large. Russia has a the edge on America with shear firepower and that I know is true as per my past…

China is another that has reported only a portion of its real firepower and they like it that way. China like Russia like to be the underdog (beta), as one day those underdogs will take the Alpha dog out as it finally grows old and feeble…

So no matter what you think, World War Three is on its way. My answer is:

Russia needs to direct the WWIII her direction and not allow a Bully to direct the disaster that is in the makings! For the world we live in has taken a very bad turn for the worse lately and a stand now is necessary to counter and push the end result farther down the road! For time is what is necessary for Russia and China to complete their changes in armament that they are working on as we read this article. Ignoring the situation that has developed will give less time, than more time for accomplishments to be obtained…

Nothing will stop America from doing what they are going to do! World War Three is an American agenda. I have been studying the output from America as the data is accumulated and the general populace is a warmongering entity all the way from the ground up to the top man in the Oval Office. America is not the country that I feel comfortable supporting as I watch her kill, kill, kill and kill some more everyday. Once the fact is pushed into the heads of the Western people that we have a missile shield that will protect Europe and America, then the game is on…

Americans will support what the government does as long as they think their ass is safe behind the borders and their TV shows of Dancing with the Stars is not interrupted…

I need an America that supports the world and guides the world with a gentle caring hand, not a hand of death. Not a hand of here is a gun, under the table…

It took me a long time to figure that out about America and I do not care about other countries in the world and how they do things, I only care about how America does it and America has no morals anymore. From the ground up. Our churches support war, our media supports war, our government supports war and the people support war. I see it and I read about it everyday. Why a foreign news source is undaunted with paid for trolls that could care less that they do not even speak the language of the site that they attack. If you don’t support war then you are a minority and you better not speak too loud in America, “You Damn Traitor!”

So Putin, I do not envy you position. For if you step in and stand up for what is right, then the West will go to their grave and try as they might to destroy you in all and any fashion they can, but if you do nothing and allow the West their way and they destroy Syria and then Iran. Then you have signed a fate not unlike what Medvedev had happen, (but many times stronger in your case) over the Libyan fiscal…

Putin I am watching to see what you do over this issue. For as I know Russia pretty well now and I know that unlike America, you have the final say and it all rests on your shoulders…

Good Luck! You need it…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!


  1. admin Post author | May 31, 2012

    The Houla Massacre is to be brought to a rare gathering of the UN Human Rights Council. But what kind of findings will be presented? Anti-war campaigner Marinella Corregia is concerned the UNHCR Commissioner talks only to its sources: the opposition.

    The meeting, set for Friday, has been called by 21 of the 47 council members. The request was officially submitted by Qatar, Turkey, the US, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Denmark and the EU.

    The UN top human rights body says most of the 108 victims of the massacre in the Syrian town of Houla were summarily executed – while less than 20 killings “can be attributed to artillery and tank fire.”

    It also appears that entire families were shot in their homes. Local residents have blamed the executions on Shabbiya, a paramilitary group that “essentially supports the government forces,” says Rupert Colville, spokesman for the UN Human Rights Council.
    UN Human Rights Council ‘own’ sources?

    What worries Marinella Corregia, an activist from the “No War Network,” is the sources the UN Human Rights Council uses to draw their reports, as their opinions do not seem in accord with UN monitors’ prudence. General Robert Mood, who heads the observing mission, has not yet pointed to anyone for the killings.

    Marinella Corregia called the Council spokesman, Rupert Colville, to get some answers. This is the conversation they had as reported by the peace activist:

    Marinella Corregia: Who spoke with the local people you quote? The UN observers?

    Rupert Colville: The UN observers are another body.

    MC: So which witness sources do you have and how did you speak with them?

    RC: Our local network, whom we spoke on the phone. I cannot say more; I have to protect them.

    MC: How could they recognize that the killers were Shabbiya? Weren’t their faces covered?

    RC: Our local contacts in Syria say they were Shabbiya. Try to be less cynical.

    MC: But no doubt from your side? It seems that many of the children were from Alawite pro-government families…

    RC: We are asking for an investigation. I don’t say we are certain. We have also been asking for international investigations for the past months in Syria; but it has never been done and that is why we rely on our sources.

    MC: So it is not the UN that says that pro-government groups killed the children, it is your sources saying that.

    RC: Yes, many people, our sources point the finger at the Shabbiya [militia group].
    More questions than answers as Houla investigation continues

    But who are these contacts? Corregia says that so far the UN Council on Human Rights used reports made up by their own commission of three envoys, working independently from UN monitors. The commission has never set foot on Syrian soil; their sources, as listed by the anti-war campaigner, appear to be: “the opposition groups [the UN Human Rights Council] spoke to on the phone; the opposition they met in Turkey; and other ‘activists’ they met in Geneva.”

    “So the bottom line: no actual witnesses!” points out Marinella Corregia, who is sure the body treats the Houla incident “just the same way.”

    Houla reports filed so far stand no criticism, continues the activist, – instead of giving answers, they just raise more questions:

    “Who talked to the residents, since the UN Human Rights Council is in Geneva? Are they true residents or the ones like the face-covered lady interviewed by Al Jazeera? The ‘survivor’ in question says she was hiding as her children were being slaughtered – how is it possible that a mother hides at a moment like this?”

    “How was it possible that immediately after “Shabbiya” and the “army’s artillery” accomplished the massacre people were not afraid to collect bodies, film them and then send the video to international media?”

    “How could survivors identify Shabbiya militia if they say killers were masked? By ‘green military dress’?”

    “Why does a video show that some dead children have their hands tied? Did the killers take time to tie the hands of the children before killing them? Or were the hands tied later by those who filmed the massacre in order to call for more blame if possible?”

    “Why does the man in the video, while showing the children and screaming ‘Allah Akbar!’, treat them with no respect, like puppets?”

    “Why in one of the videos, showing the ‘government’ shelling, are people escaping carrying Syria’s flag, not the opposition’s one?”

    “Is it true, as some sources say, that the majority of the people who were killed came from Alawites pro-government families or neutral Sunnis and some others from the opposition? Is it also true that the people were shouting pro-Assad slogans?”

    UN Human Rights Council’s rulings mostly adds political weight to the efforts taken by other UN’s bodies, notably the UN Security Council. The Security Council – and prior to it the UN monitors in Syria – is yet to deliberate a final opinion who is responsible for the Houla massacre. But some political leaders seem to know their answer: Syrian diplomats have already been expelled from the US, the UK, France, Germany and other countries across the world.

  2. stupid is as stupid does May 31, 2012

    Russia is ready to fight this: and they have an army in place near the Border of Iran:

    Next the Northern Supply route that feeds are men in arms- is through Russian territory and influence – they cut that and every man in the field in Afghanistan is on his own– and well have to be air-lifted out while running out ammo

    This bigger than you minds grasp!

  3. WWB May 31, 2012

    The US representative Susan Rice did not rule out bypassing the UN if Kofi Annan’s peace plan failed. This, she said, was the mostly likely scenario. Andrei Volodin of the Center for Oriental Studies at the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy, comments.

    “Hopefully Ms Rice understands that the US ruling elite risks a lot by suggesting this kind of intervention in the midst of the 2012 presidential campaign. A military intervention in Syria will inevitably drive a wedge in this mosaic structure of relations that exists in the eastern Mediterranean. It might spark a raft of conflicts of medium and high intensity throughout the region and the West will be powerless to control them.”

  4. Branca June 2, 2012

    Wow, very interesting, keep sharing these things with us, please. Oh by the way, people who comment are really sometimes very mentally ill!

  5. George June 2, 2012

    Soviet Union equals Russia and that equals ****** up ****! By the way you are a **** eating scum that deserves to die, **** you!

  6. Russia Sucks June 2, 2012

    Russia is the worst scum vodka drinking communists that ever lived on earth. I hope to god that Russia is destroyed by the USA. The world is not safe untill all who oppose the US is destroyed. God Bless America and long live democracy and freedom and liberty for all!

  7. Soldier of misfortune June 4, 2012

    Kyle, I spent 4 years living and working in Syria, and FOR Syria. Some construction and consulting business, you know. I could have stayed longer, but decided otherwise.
    Kyle, nothing is so simple or obvious about that country. I just ignore all of the BS outspoken by ignorant and arrogant people on radio, TV, press and internet about Syria. Including those things posted in your little blog. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate your attempts to analyze the situation and make your own conclusions, and have a respect for that. I ignore the negative feedback in comments to your posts – that is what I mean. People go personal very often.
    What I want to say is – there’re many more variables in that equation called “ Syrian unrest”. If we, Russians, stomp our feet wearing military boots over Syrian ground – I don’t know… We can all end up in the big mess. Let Putin do the things through his ex-colleagues, they have the power to nail down those bastards, who slaughtered innocent kids in Al Houla, believe me. Jesus, I have never seen or heard so much of a crap coming out of mouths of the Western and even Eastern journalists, trying to blame Shabia? Shabiha? for that mishap. Because for me – Syrian Arabs are the most kids loving people in this Universe. Do you know that they, Syrians, have no any orphanages? At all? And do you know why? Because they do always find a family for the poor kid or kids with no parents. They would be adopted either by closest, or farthest relatives anyways! Bashar stabbed the children… For Christ or Allah sake – stop it!!! Say no more!!!
    I have no illusions about bastards sitting among the official government in Damascus, there are plenty of them. Unfortunately we, Russians taught the Syrian students good things and they absorbed the bad things too. The country is corrupted. Greedy morons can be found on all levels of legislative power, in any office wherever you go – whether you want to sell your cottage cheese at “Souk” or pay your utility bill. Syrians are not the best friends for they neighbors – Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. But they are getting by somehow.
    I do not like the way papa Hafez Assad sorted out those guys in Hama in eighties. I do not like that his son is trying to do the same thing today. The world’s changed, people, you should admit it.
    But it is not an easy thing – to fight the fanatics, who’s basic believe is that they are pure, and praise their God in the right way and they will all go to heaven, and the rest world is evil and let’s kill them all. You have to add to these deranged people plenty of youngsters, who saw nothing in this life but some glittering banners on the web pages of GQ, Metropolitan or Playboy sites. And they believe that this is a real life, readily available for anyone living across Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. And you have to add to it some true citizens, civil and military guys who saw something in this life, and they want to believe that the life will get much better, if they knock the Assad family off the throne. As I have already said – there’re many more variables in the equation, and it is not of a square or cubic extent, this is a truly high math of our day-by-day life.

  8. Pro USA June 4, 2012

    Bomb the sh!t out of them. Carpet bomb them. Bomb them back to the stone age. Who cares? The leadership are Iranian/Russian stooges with interests directly hostile to the US. Why not stay somewhat consistent? The conditions for another Libya are met in Syria but nothing? What does that say about the Libya war? Can we at least say consistent.

    Drop some bombs, fly some planes, launch some cruise missles. Blow sh*t up. Let our boys have at it and stay fresh. Thats what the US military lives for. Decimate their armed forces and decapitate the leadership. The people of the ME, they will respect that. Then leave them to their devices. Let the region implode. Only from destruction and death is failure truly cleansed from the landscape.

  9. admin Post author | June 4, 2012

    Soldier of misfortune: Thanks for a very good comment and that is what is needed to help understand countries like Syria. I appreciate the knowledge and information. I also like the fact that you decided to not call me names and want me dead as so many do. I just feel that something has to be done and if we don’t stop the lies from the West we will never get the truths about what is really going on in Syria. I really appreciate your comment…

    Now I know I hit a sore spot with you as you spout “Including those things posted in your little blog.” But you recovered and kept it under control. For that I appreciate it.

    I come out of America and to quote you again, “nothing is so simple or obvious about that country.” That fits America to a tee also and really nothing is a surprise to me and I will not change my thinking’s! I do not love Syria and I do not care about Syria, I care that my American government is causing most of the issues in Syria right now and that is part of a bigger plan that is in the works. As long as Syria is under attack then the plan is moving forward. It could be any other country and I would feel the same…

    Intervention by Russia and China is necessary to put a backpedal in the Western Empires madness…

    I do appreciate the information on real life in Syria! There is good and bad in every country. Heaven knows I complain enough about my country and mean it when I complain.

    I do not care how Russia does it and I do not care how Putin does it, but it has to be done. As you say yourself, “Bashar stabbed the children… For Christ or Allah sake – stop it!!! Say no more!!!” That I could not put better myself. I know that we set the situation up in Syria and that is what needs to stop before we have a real bad war of the world.

    Being an American and ex military, I know how Americans think and that is why I say boots on the ground, because that means something to the Americans. Right now everyone thinks Russia is weak and as long as the Americans think that, then push push push push is the name of the game…


  10. Igor June 4, 2012

    My thinkings by Igor! 🙂

    Then what does this say about British and US intelligence in Iraq and Afghanistan? Please explain how it could be that hundreds of them died as a result of these same sort of bombings happening in Syria?

    Oh, I see, the Americans are killing there own to justify staying in these countries. Despite the complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, there are still 20,000 there, which is hardly what I consider a withdrawal.

    Afghanistan will be the same to ensure the new pipeline remains intact.

    I really get tired of the western media always quoting the opposition (a different group every day) about these bombings. Ask the Saudi or western countries and they will tell you who is responsible, and the Independent and other sources have said all along that this is the work of Islamic fascist extremists who have also been murdering Alawites and Christians when given the chance. Anyone with an ounce of brain can see this is a civil war, and if some of you would read various sources, it’s been reported that the Syrian free army is using this so-called lull to re-arm themselves…from whom are they getting these weapons? You know who is arming the terrorists! USA.

    The only credible opposition groups have already challenged the government through meeting and these groups welcome transition through peace rather than war. If I am going to side with anyone, it will be with these groups rather than extremists who would be taliban and al-qaida in Afghanistan and Iraq. How bizarre, we fight these groups there, but consider them our friends in Syria.

    Cannot happen soon enough to see Russia and China rise to supreme power or we will face western dictatorship around the world. How many countries now ‘host’ US military bases? There are now 5,000 US marines stationed in Australia?!! All this talk of Soviet hegemony and the west is doing far worse than we could have expected from the other side. How many Poles and east Europeans died in Afghanistan during the 1980s, but are willing to go and die for the US now? That is the only thing special about the UK/US relationship…

    We send our troops to die for their oil, which unfortunately is found in other countries…

    Shame on them for having oil! Disgusting that so many Syrians must die because the west is trying to contain Iran, and we know what happened there in the 1950s when they wanted to nationalise their oil resources…how dare they!


  11. Faustina Reaume June 4, 2012

    It is highly helpful for me. Huge thumbs up for this website post! I see so much good! Please write more about Syria we follow! US should be told off and bad!

  12. Karl June 4, 2012

    It is simple…

    Nuke Russia and China, take our loses now and rebuild as fast as possible. What elese to do? China owns us financially and Russia is growing stronger daily! I say Nuke them and lets get it on. A video game in real time! Hoo-Ah!

  13. 2012 online be nuked! June 4, 2012

    I can honestly say that you Kyle are a pathetic human and too not support the US no matter what we do right or wrong is just plain being a commie ******! We have to stay together to clean this world up and make it a better place. God has blessed America and we deserve to rule the earth. I walk this earth and see myself as able to understand why we are the chosen ones. God bless us and I hope that you suffer greatly for your turning toward communism is our countries hour of need. I will be walking on your grave and I will piss on your head stone after you die. U Mother ******* communist **** for Brains!

  14. Sargon June 4, 2012

    Maybe it would help? I see Russia has them and they are working with Iran. Maybe it would help? Bless Russia and Bless Putin!

  15. Sabeen June 4, 2012

    Don’t listen to scum traitors that try to hurt Syria! I live in Syria and I see nothing but hate and hate some more from the world. People try to hate as we try to get our country back in order. We have tooo much hate and ones from underground to kill our people. Hte I tell you and they come from abroad!

  16. Beatrice June 4, 2012

    Kyle I think you are correct and I think Putin needs to get with it! Otherwise we are all going to be a nuclear melt pool!

  17. admin Post author | June 4, 2012

    Reply to 2012 online be nuked! – Medications? Or better yet go see a doctor! You need lots of medications…

  18. Caline June 4, 2012

    Idiot and so are all the commemorators! I hope you are all put on a hit list and die!

  19. Ralph the Mouth June 4, 2012

    I am back and you still are stupid. Yes I come back because you are a commie fag!

  20. Enedina June 4, 2012

    Nuke em’! Why not? The hate our Guts, we hate they’re guts, The Mayans hate everybodies guts and will make the world end on 12/21/2012 anyway so why wait around. Let the Nukes start flying and put everyone out of they’re miserable human existance once and for all, that way the planet can be nice and ready for the Mayan Annihilation on 12/21/2012. China needs to Be nuked. The US needs to Be nuked. Monaco needs to BE nuked. Vatican City should be nuked. Canada needs to be nuked. Russia needs to be nuked. AntArctica needs to be nuked. Colorado needs to be nuked. Denmark needs to be nuked. Lichstenstien needs to be nuked. The entire human race needs to be nuked. Let’s stop pissing and moaning about it and get it done already

  21. Barbie June 5, 2012

    Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more, this is the way a blog should be! thanks!

    Could you tone down the idiots that post comments though, it makes people wonder about the human race.

  22. Alani June 6, 2012

    i agree with you! May you be blessed!

  23. John334 June 6, 2012

    Maybe the best thing would be to delete Windows to Russia and then we could go and attack a better website. You ******* FAG!

  24. ccd June 6, 2012

    Several commemorators on here are just plain stupid! Syria need to have a new boss and we have to do what it takes to change it. Kill Syrians? Who gives a crap? Syrians are worthless like fleas on a cat’s ass!

  25. Danny Stunner June 6, 2012

    I think that is one of the so much important info for me. And i’m glad studying your article. But wanna commentary on few normal issues, The site taste is wonderful, the articles is in point of fact nice : D. Good process, cheers! and Syria needs help not BOMBS from NATO or better known as the USA…

  26. URL June 6, 2012

    Kyle, You are a worthless person and **** *** ** *** **** *** **** ** **! I hope that when you cross the border again into the US that they put your miserable soul into prison for treason for the rest of your ******* life! Give me a break and ******* cut your throat and maybe god will put you in a cooler corner of hell. My pastor says that people who go to Russia are the spawn of hell and you are definitely a ****** ****** ******* of hell.

  27. Beat my chest American June 6, 2012

    In this crime-ridden, ex-Soviet state, no longer does the government stuff their Armani suits with rubles, but the vandals and gangsters. The Russian mafia runs amuck, there are more gangsters than police, and a Russian is assassinated every 18 minutes, averaging 84 murders per day in a nation of 143 million. The nucleus of Russian crime is stationed in the Republic of Chechnya, a region within Russia just north of Georgia. Prostitution, drug trafficking, and underground restaurants are arbitrarily controlled by the Chechens. Foreigners are kidnapped more frequently due to the higher ransom allocated. Crimes towards include but are not limited to: pick pocketing wallets, cell phones, cameras, cash, and physical assaults. From superpower to Third World country, think tanks are beginning to speculate if communism really was the cure for Russia.

    Think about that as you love Russia!

  28. Elizabete June 6, 2012

    Russia is en enemies to me. I live in a little country called Estonia.Has anyone heard about it.Never mind that just Russia can conquer this little country without anyone even notice it is gone.So i really don’t like Russia. It is a threat to my homeland. Confused as to why we should like Syria and why we should not just clean the map of all these terrible countries like Russia and Syria…

    Sick people support Syria and the people that live in Syria are scum sucking dogs…

  29. African June 6, 2012

    “Because Russia has broke my life. I had many problems in my native country too, but here, people just want you to fail whatever you do. They’re ready to see your grieve just because you have more potential than they has. Russia is a bad country, don’t go to Russia!”

  30. Soldier of misfortune June 7, 2012

    What makes me laughing, Kyle.
    The idea, that the halves of the foul-mouthed creatures, dumping their hate over you in this blog, are using either iMacs, iBooks, iPhones or iPads to do so. Without knowing, that Steve Jobs was born of Syrian, and 100% Muslim father Abdulfattah Jandali (ouch!)

    Some weird females condemn you, and I picture how they jog, or dance, or stare their eyes into TV screens with some modern shows without knowing, that Paula Abdul took part in it, and she is of Syrian descent.

    Some older people want to crucify or hang you up, and many of them are imaginary pulling the rope already, whistling something like “I’m doing it my way…”, and having no any clue, that Paul Anka is Syrian. (Many people say “Lebanese” though, but this is irrelevant).
    Just few feet away from my office desk there’re three desks where my colleagues sit. The tallest one is probably 6’11”, the shortest is may be 6’00”. All three of them are from Texas. The next office accommodates one fellow from North Dakota, and another one from Oklahoma.
    I’m Russian from Russia.
    It’s hard to believe how much we ate and drank together. And we’ve had our ordeals while hanging out in the downtown, because the place where we are is not even a third world, but rather a thirty third world with menacing environment and lack of even the primitive first AID. Locals carry their machetes with them for “just in case”, he-he… And I know for a fact, that anyone of my buddies will stand for me, and I will stand for anyone of them no matter what. Because this is how men should act. Say less, do more and try to have some fun. And there’s no place for xenophobia, it just doesn’t fit in here. All of my colleagues are unhappy with Obama, but no one goes racial when we discuss it.

    And even when somebody says “commie” or “socialistic pig” towards him, I take it right, no problem. People are free to express themselves, they have been brain washed the same way as I have – for ages. I can crack a joke about “damn yankee”, or “steers or queers”, and no one starts throwing punches. Be over it, man, you’re not an animal with just primitive instincts, use your brain and bring some irony and patience in…

    People of Syria do not deserve the hate from the non-Syria. Syrians are hearty, hardworking, hands on people with simple needs, they are intelligent, they adore children, and what they really deserve – to have a better life, and this is as simple as that.

  31. admin Post author | June 7, 2012

    Soldier of misfortune, Hey! Well wait until you see the 10 comments that came before this one and I have yet approved. They have gotten viscous and it is the think tanks from Washington DC that have paid trolls to attack sights like mine…

    I just put comments back on the site a few months ago and I am starting to regret allowing comments again. I really like the comments that are constructive and helpful such as yours, but comments are not useful anymore except to degrade people and writers….

    People in America have serious issues with Russia and it is media and governmental driven…



  32. Ana June 7, 2012

    You people are insane. How do you get from your OWN news station posting this story to the axis of evil and USA? I mean how full of hate are you… No wonder our government wants to bomb the hell out of you. I would kill a desease when i saw one too. Even if you see this happen with your own eyes by the people you dont believe are doing this… You will still blame the west. I pray each day for WW3 so i have a justified reason to find you people.

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