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Russia Says Victor Bout is not a Criminal…

Viktor Bout…

The Russian businessman Victor Bout has committed no crime according to many Russian sources…

The crime committed was by the USA Government…

The USA government agencies were happy to employ Bout’s services in the past, while now they accuse him of illegal arms deliveries.

It seems that Victor Bout was a major USA arms deliverer, prior to the invasion of Iraq. The USA lacked the sufficient number of transport planes to transfer military cargoes to the troops. So they hired people like Bout to deliver their goods…

At that time in history it was more important to deliver cargoes to the troops, than to worry about what kind of person the deliverer would be. So in effect no questions asked and money under the table…

“The Bout case is an unfriendly gesture initiated by the US and may hurt the reset of bilateral relations!”  Said, Russia’s Foreign Ministry official Vladimir Kozin.

Kozin also believes that suspected arms smuggler Viktor Bout is innocent, that’s why Moscow is rendering him “firm support”.

Viktor Bout was arrested in Thailand under a USA request in the spring of 2008 which accused him of trafficking weapons. The very same thing he had done for years, for America…

Never I say Never Trust the American Government and do their dirty work. They will get you in the end, to silence you…

Windows to Russia!

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