The Church: That God Has Not Forgot!

When Sveta and I travel, we look at everything. Well we found this beautiful Church. We think it is Orthodox

In Russia back in the old days. The churches were all closed. They were boarded up and sometimes blown up. This church was 400 km from Moscow, so that is maybe, what saved it from being blown up?

We thought that you might like to see a church from the past. Still has paintings on the wall, but very faded. The roof is caving in slowly. There are trees growing on the roof.

If any one has a idea of what era and what religion this church is let me know. From what we see in Russia it is Orthodox.

We wish we had the money to buy it, we would fix it up and enjoy it, make a museum out of it…

You can feel God is still there, when you stand in the middle of it.

Windows to Russia!