Russia: Why Bush Why? (The Killing in Pakistan)

Originally posted 2008-09-17 12:54:00.

On this side of the world, we get a lot of news about Pakistan, Russian TV gives the gory details that seem to be left out to Americans about the Afghanistan War. One of the details that seems to be ignored by Americans is the fact that the Bush administration is killing civilians in Pakistan all in the name of capturing or killing al Qaeda’s leadership!

You have to wonder whether the Bush administration understands what it is getting into. In case anyone has forgotten, Pakistan has a hundred plus nuclear weapons. It’s a country on the edge of civil war. Its political leadership is bitterly divided. In other words, it’s the perfect recipe for a catastrophe. Seems that the Bush administration likes to stir up trouble all over this area of the world. Seems that Bush has secretly signed a bill not long ago that gives the Military the OK to do what it wants in Pakistan!

Pakistan Military has now been given orders to fire upon the USA Military if they cross borders again.

Bush seems to want to go out with a Bang….

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