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Russian / American Reset – Has it Reached The final Stage: a Proxy War?

America supplies weapons and destructive items to the Syrian opposition… (Only fools think other wise! We lie and hide it!)

Russia supplies weapons and destructive items to the Syrian government… (They do not lie, they admit it!)

Read this e-mail I got today. It is one that I just received from a Florida based Holy-roller in America:

You despicable excuse for an America. I just read this on my reader! $#@%! OhMyGod (){} you mean that damn, @evil, ^baby eating, bunch of heathen ******* drunks in яussia has sent weapons to Syria? OhMyGod (){} OhMyGod (){} OhMyGod and here we are just sitting here like wimps and not blowing the hell out of Russia along with Iran and Syria and North Korea and Venezuela. What do you say now you sick communist ******* loving asshole from the USA? I bet you love Obama and his communist ways? May you rest peacefully forever under a tank as we annihilate Russia! may a nuke eat your heart out! *&^%^|}{“?:>GOD BLESS THE USA THE MOST GOD LOVED COUNTRY ON EARTH!#

Now that was really a cool e-mail and I know who it is from and he is really a very sick person. He just despises the fact that I wont let him belittle everyone who writes a comment on the site. His IP stands out like a sore thumb and it is really sad. Maybe he needs his medication adjusted or maybe he just needs medication period. I do enjoy his belittling of me though and I hope he gets help soon…

I did have to smile and cringe both today, when I realized that Russia was dropping off weapons this weekend to Syria. I had been reading in the Russian underground gossip that Russia has possibly extra men on the ground in Syria and weapons are being streamlined into Syria. The word is that another Libya situation is not going to happen. The same source is telling me that Iran is being beefed up as we read this and that a possible solution to the S-300 missile issue is in the works…

This information was put out last week and I confirmed that it is possibly true. The Kremlin is very quiet about it and they are not answering the accusations from America, but this is old news for us here in Russia. Russian news is full of, America sending weapons to the Syrian opposition and it is talking about beefing up Syrian weapons to counter an attack by NATO…

This is what the reset has ended up as a proxy war between America and Russia…

Oh – you have to look at the real Russian news, not the English version Russian news…

A proxy war or proxy warfare is a war that results when opposing powers use third parties as substitutes for fighting each other directly…

Now that is a reset to remember…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

Lets see if we can get this under control before WW-III happens. But then there is a whole bunch of people that really do not want things under control…


  1. admin Post author | May 26, 2012

    The US State Department is in an uproar over reports of a possible Russian delivery of military equipment purchased by the government of Syria.

    Says State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland: “You know how strongly we feel that no country should be delivering weapons to the Assad regime now.”

    Nuland and her fellow regime-changers in the Administration are in the meantime silent on the US role in facilitating the shipment of arms to the Syrian rebels — weapons which ironically (or not?) may be making their way to the various al-Qaeda affiliates which have set up shop in Syria and set their sights on the Assad government.

    Despite rebel claims that the Syrian government is blowing up its own governmental buildings and killing its own security forces to make the rebels look bad, the UN has acknowledged that the bombings are being carried out by non-governmental terrorist groups.

    Violence in Syria sharply declined at the beginning of the UN aided ceasefire, leading some to hope that the worst of the conflict might be over. However, as soon as the US began supplying the rebels with specialized communications equipment enabling them to more accurately target government forces and institutions, some of the most deadly and gruesome bombings have taken place. The bombings display a brazen disregard for civilian life, as evident in the horrific car bomb attack on a Syrian intelligence facility in Damascus earlier this month that killed some 55, most of whom were civilian non-combatants.

    The Obama regime, which is every bit as warmongering and obsessed with exporting a Soviet-like “global democratic revolution” by force as its predecessor, has condemned and undermined every attempt to ratchet down the crisis in Syria. Voting on a new constitution introducing some pluralism into the system was condemned when it was not ignored. UN efforts to put in place a ceasefire and facilitate dialogue between the sides was ignored. Parliamentary elections this month which included non-Baathist parties as promised in the government’s reform program “border[ed] on ludicrous,” said another State Department flack.

    For the US Administration it is regime change and only regime change. Eggs must be broken if the global democratic revolution omelet is to be cooked up. Trotsky smiles up from his perch in hell.

  2. admin Post author | May 27, 2012

    ‘Those killed were loyal to Assad’

    Political analyst Ibrahim Alloush told RT that the way the attack was done and its timing “make it obvious” that Damascus is not responsible.

    “It would not make sense for the Syrian army to commit these massacres and withdraw, and then just let the rebels come and take photos and make documentaries about them,” he explained.

    Alloush believes the crimes were committed “by the armed gangs supported from abroad, from the GCC countries and from the NATO specifically through Turkey.”

    The analyst insists that the massacre in Houla was carried out in the context of a broad attack throughout the area.

    “They also attacked the national hospital in the region and they set fire to it. Then they turned to civilian houses in some of the neighboring villages and they started killing indiscriminately,” he said, emphasizing that among those killed were people loyal to Assad.

    Alloush also said that the timing of the attack makes it look suspicious.

    “These crimes have come at a point when a political solution has slated for the Syrian question, and these people do not want to see a political solution – instead they want to see an armed intervention, an international foreign intervention in Syria under pretext of massacres,” he concluded.

  3. admin Post author | May 27, 2012

    The Syrian government yesterday denied that its troops were behind an attack on a string of villages that left more than 90 people dead, blaming the killings on “hundreds of heavily-armed gunmen” who also attacked soldiers in the area.

    Friday’s assault on Houla, an area northwest of the central city of Homs, was one of the bloodiest single events in Syria’s 15-month-old uprising. The UN says 32 children under the age of 10 were among the dead. The international body and others have issued statements appearing to hold the Syrian government responsible, but all stopped well short of suggesting intervention.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi told a Damascus news conference that Syria was being subjected to a “tsunami of lies” on Houla.

    “We categorically deny the responsibility of government forces for the massacre,” Makdissi said.

    The Houla attacks sparked outrage from American and other international leaders, and renewed concerns about the relevance of a month-old international peace plan that has not stopped almost daily violence.

    UN observers, among more than 250 who were dispatched in recent weeks to try to salvage the cease-fire plan, found spent artillery and tank shells at the site on Saturday – a finding which could point toward the government’s heavily-armed mechanized units.

    “Those who use violence for their own agenda will create more instability, more unpredictability and may lead the country to civil war,” the observers’ chief, Major General Robert Mood, warned in a statement.

    Makdissi said “hundreds of heavily armed gunmen carrying machine guns, mortars and anti-tank missiles” launched the attack simultaneously from several locations, starting at about 2pm and continuing for nine hours. He said five government army positions in the area came under attack at the same time, leaving three soldiers dead and 16 wounded.

    “There were no Syrian tanks or artillery in the vicinity” of Houla, Makdissi said. He said that gunmen used anti-tank missiles and “Syrian troops retaliated in defense of their positions.”

    “Children, women and other innocent people were killed in their homes, and this is not what the Syrian army does,” Makdissi said. “The method of killing was brutal.”

    Makdissi said a committee was set up to investigate the incident, and results should be out within three days. He added that international envoy Kofi Annan was flying to Syria today.

    A senior Arab League official said Syria had denied permission for Annan’s deputy to travel to Damascus.

    Syria made clear that the decision against former Palestinian Foreign Minister Nasser al-Kidwa was not personal, but because it did not want to deal with the Arab League.

    Annan is the joint envoy of the UN and Arab League.

    Syria, where nearly 10,000 have been killed since the uprising against President Bashar Assad’s regime began, says the league has become a tool of the West.

    Kuwait, which currently heads the Arab League, said it was calling for an Arab ministerial meeting that aims to “take steps to put an end to the oppressive practices against the Syrian people.”

  4. Aparecida May 28, 2012

    Yes and we Americans do not care that the world is starting to get a little bit pissed off.

  5. Ariovanda May 28, 2012

    Could be that we just don’t care and if Russian died tomorrow then how happy the USA would be.

  6. MoPro May 28, 2012

    I personally admire the precious data you are offering in your posts. The only thing is that us from the USA will be marked as we read the truth upon the pages!

  7. admin Post author | May 28, 2012

    Syria’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Jafari, has said that his government condemns the recent tragedy in the Houla village.

    He said the death of 116 civilians was a horrible and unjustified massacre, and accused some UN Security Council member-states of attempts to scare the world, using the Syrian authorities’ role in the tragedy.

    Ambassador Jafari said the civilians were killed by small arms and cold steel, rather than artillery fire. Earlier, a Syrian Foreign Ministry official, Jihad Makdissi, said that the slain residents were women, children and old people, and that that was the work of provocateurs seeking to torpedo the peace process.

  8. July 9, 2012

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