Nabucco Going Bye Bye?

The Nabucco pipeline was a project that was developed out of a tremendous hatred toward Russia. It was an intentional plan to try to hurt Russia and damn to anything else. It was a pipeline that had no gas, no future and no money. What with the eventual collapse of the Western empire, the Nabucco pipeline is dying and the only life it has, is in the eyes of the politicians, that hate Russia so much, that they scream out in nightmares nightly about Russia…

The project to lay the 3,300 kilometre-long Nabucco gas pipeline from the Caspian Sea region to the EU countries bypassing Russia may be dropped for good by late June.

This came in a statement by the business circles of the City of London.

The Nabucco project was thought up by the CEOs of the Hungarian and Bulgarian energy companies in autumn 2002 during a dinner in Vienna to music from Verdi’s opera of the same name, and was due to be commissioned in 2014.

According to experts, the fiasco of the project was predetermined by some drastic changes on the world gas market.

A number of world energy giants, including BP, have, besides, pulled out of the project.

The EU has seen Nabucco as an alternative to gas transportation to Europe via Russia. TASS

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