Russian News Bits… (12/13/2010)

Those behind violence in Moscow will be dealt with – Medvedev: President Dmitry Medvedev has posted a strong warning in his Twitter blog, vowing to deal with all those behind the riots that rocked the center of Moscow on Saturday, prompted by the killing of a football fan earlier…

Go-ahead to START: The US Senate will ratify the new nuclear arms control deal with Russia before wrapping up for Christmas – according to a senior adviser to the American president.

Russia-US pact on adopted kids ready to be signed – ombudsman: Dozens of Russian children are neglected and abused by foreign adoptive parents every year. Child Rights Ombudsman Ravel Astakhov says the new agreement will mean guarantees of protection for Russian kids.

Izvestia photographer hospitalized after Moscow opposition rally: A photographer with Russia’s respected Izvestia daily has been hospitalized following an opposition rally in downtown Moscow on Sunday.

Russia to react appropriately to foreign troop deployment along its borders: Russia will take appropriate measures in response to deployments of foreign troops along its borders, says the Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdiukov in a comment for reporters on a WikiLeaks-published cable that NATO still sees Russia as a potential enemy. Moscow hopes that the publication will never become a reality.

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