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Russia’s “Cold Pole” Getting Heated Up…

How would you like to be one of the coldest inhabited places on earth and be able to run around in a swim suit. This area many times never even goes above freezing year around. But now they have both snow and heat…

In Yakutia the cold pole – in the village of Ojmjakon there came almost the equivalent to African heat.  According to the forecasters, beginning on Wednesday, July 28 to July 30 will be plus 30 to possible plus 34 degrees.

Similar weather is forecast in Tomponskom, Moma, Upper and Srednekolymsk areas of the Republic of Sakha. 🙁

As the press service of the Far Eastern regional emergencies center of Russia, is expected on July 29 in Oimyakon area will be extremely high chance a risk for forest fires.

In Yakutia they sent out an urgent warning about the likelihood of emergencies.  All Forces and means of the Main Department of Russian Ministry of Emergency of Yakutia are in high alert.

Oymyakon is known as one of the candidates for the Northern Pole of Cold, because on February 6, 1933, a temperature of −67.7 °C (−90 °F) was recorded there. This is the lowest recorded temperature for any permanently inhabited location on Earth. It is also the lowest temperature recorded in the Northern hemisphere. Only Antarctica has recorded lower official temperatures with the lowest being −89.2 °C (−129 °F) near the Russian station of Vostok. The actual weather station is in a valley between Oymyakon and Tomtor. The station is at 750m and the surrounding mountains at 1,100 meters, causing cold air to pool in the valley.

So this is not good for the “pole of cold” but it is not the first time and will not be the last time that they get super heat…

They will probably make up for it this coming winter when it gets 50 below zero…

Windows to Russia!

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