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Russia’s New S-400 Anti Aircraft Missile Systems is on the Job!

I have waited for this to be announced!

If you are like me and like Big Military Toys then this video is for you. My past draws my interest to weapons such as this form and style because I go back into the Lance Missile era! I trained on that weapon! I remember how excited the Military was that the Lance was picked to be able to utilize the neutron bomb. That was an interesting and unforgettable era of my life…

So the missile mounted on a truck has always been a favorite of mine, in fact I got to experience Germany because of the Lance Missile!

The Russian S-400 Anti Aircraft Missile is a defensive missile instead of an offensive missile like the Lance. The S-400 is more closely related to America’s Patriot in job category and usage. I would give the edge to the improved S-400 over the Patriot as the Patriot has been allowed to stagnate in development…

The Russian S-300 is the version that Iran should receive from Russia. Israel and America would have a bad time in bombing Iran’s nuclear sites if the S-300 was protecting Iran.

Watch the video. I liked it…

Windows to Russia!

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