Russia’s President and First Lady Announce Divorce

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife, Lyudmila, said Thursday their marriage is over, ending years of speculation about their relationship… 🙁

Nothing more needs to be said…

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Kyle Keeton

On Thursday evening, the President and his wife attended the “Esmeralda” ballet at the State Kremlin Palace. After the ballet they gave an interview to one of the prominent Russian TV channels in which Mrs Putin claimed her marriage with the President was over. “Yes, we can say this is a civilized divorce”, said Mrs Putin. Mr Putin, in turn, said “this was a mutual decision”. The President also added that the reason behind his divorce from Lyudmila is rooted in the fact that not every person is ready for such a high degree of publicity which the President’s wife… Read more »


Wasn’t expecting this.

Kyle Keeton

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov has called for treating the president’s private life with respect and not intruding into it. Peskov refrained from answering Interfax how Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin’s daughters had taken the news about their divorce. “Anything that concerns Vladimir Putin’s private life concerns only him, and he has never made it public. This is his principle, he has deserved this right, and let’s treat it with respect,” he said. Peskov said he was unaware of Lyudmila Putin’s plans and did not know whether she planned to leave the presidential residence in Novo-Ogaryovo outside Moscow.… Read more »

Kyle Keeton

“There is no other woman in the president’s life,” President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said, dismissing rumors that Putin will re-marry soon after divorce, noting that one should look at Putin’s busy schedule. The Putins, Russia’s first couple, announces ‘civilized’ divorce – photos “Even an accidental person will understand, looking at Putin’s schedule, that his life is not connected with any family relations in any way, unfortunately. It is entirely centered on his duties and responsibilities as president,” Peskov said. On whether Russia will see a presidential wedding any time soon similar to Nicholas Sarkozy’s in France, he… Read more »

Kyle Keeton

Hey Blackseabrew, I was but then I live here and see it happening. I still am bothered by it and wished that I had been wrong. But the last few years it was obvious to many Russians. Rumor had it that they have not been living together for at least a year and it looks to be true. I really think that when Putin a few months ago was looking really bad, this is why. He has come to grips with it and as far as I can tell the divorce is done and over already. They are now just… Read more »

Kyle Keeton

Asked, “Does the president have the right to divorce, in your opinion?”, 71% of those questioned by the portal on Friday answered in the affirmative. Every fifth respondent answered in the negative, and 9% were undecided. In a similar 2007 survey when then French president Nicolas Sarkozy announced his divorce, 87% of respondents concurred with the view that the president has an unquestionable right to end his marriage while 8% backed the view that a public office so high rules this out. Respondents in Friday’s poll argued that the president is a human being and so he has the… Read more »