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This is Driving in Russia: No Really it is… (Video)

I have written many times about driving in Russia! I watched this video and just had to post it, because it brings back memories of every time I drive the streets of Russia. This is an updated video and is the same as the one that YouTube just blocked. So enjoy as Russia is really an amazing place to drive and it takes nerves of steel..

Sveta and I have seen some really bad things and almost been involved in a few accidents ourselves. The head on incidences of drivers on the wrong side of the road are very very common. This is why you have car cam in Russia. Everyone is crazy when they drive…

But I had to laugh because it is so true and if you don’t laugh you go crazy…

Posted by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. blackseabrew December 9, 2012

    This is one impressive video and would be difficult to believe had I not driven in Ukraine. While a poor substitute, it certainly can give one a cardio workout. Nothing to get the heart pumping like driving in eastern europe. ALWAYS pay attention, assume the worst will happen and put your car in a position that takes this into account. I was challenged by oncoming traffic a number of time between Odessa and Yalta. I either took the shoulder or made a spot off the pavement. I soon learned to move over when meeting an oncoming truck. I just assumed a car would pop out at the last second to pass. And I was correct about 10% of the time. That’s just way too often to be right. But I made it. 🙂

  2. admin Post author | December 9, 2012

    That is my everyday life now and I have learned to watch the traffic on Yandex to plan trips… 🙂

    A week ago Sveta and I counted 14 wrecks on a 3 hours trip…

    Oh and we have the camera in the front window now…

  3. Lou December 23, 2013

    Yeah it’s funny but if the US had that kind of weather for as long as you do it would be the same here. Don’t forget when we get a little blizzard we get 75 car pile ups.
    Take care Kyle

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