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Title: “N. Ireland and England in school top 10” (and we forgot to mention Russia is #1)

True news reporting would say the truth right in the title… Because…

1. Russia 2. Singapore 3. Hong Kong 4. Republic of Ireland 5. Finland 6. Poland and Northern Ireland tied and 8. Norway tied with Taiwan and England…

Both Northern Ireland and England have reached their highest point scores in reading tests taken in 50 countries.

Source: N. Ireland and England in school top 10

But in actuallity:

Russia takes the top place in this international education league table, based on tests taken every five years. Girls are ahead of boys in almost every country taking the tests…

If you follow me on this website, you will know that I talk about “The Russian Intellect!” and I also talk about the education level of her people and I talk about how I see it is slipping and they can not let that happen…

I have no doubt that Russia is number one in literacy, but they need to keep it that way… Are you listening Russia?

Remember in the real world…. Being number two, three four, five and so on is still behind number one!

I wonder if the west will tell us that Russia hacked their children’s brains and caused them to falter in their testing? ~Sarc~

Oh yes and as far as girls testing higher than boys. I know that girls are smarter than boys. I am a boy and studying was not high on my list. Cars, girls, football, guns and apple pie; much more important…

I just look at my Svetochka and realize who is the smartest one among us two and it sure is not me…


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  1. Suwat Tor December 18, 2017

    France is the dumpest since they have less sounds in their language eg an, en, on may sound the same.

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